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5 July 2014

Today my little space on the internet turns two. Two years I've been doing this for! That's pretty crazy. I had a blog prior to this one but I don't think it lasted more than a few months so to say Rose Keats is turning a whole two years old is pretty special. I do have a give-away planned but thanks to Royal Main the prizes aren't all here yet so as soon as they are there will be a pretty special give-away planned for all of you who have supported my space here over the past two years.

I do have something special to announce today, besides my Blog Birthday and that is the birth of a new blog. Rose Keats has always been something I've wanted to keep as a very general lifestyle blog, covering what I'm wearing and eating and where I'm going, be it big travel adventures or days out. There was a phase were I felt that to have a popular blog I had to conform to what everyone else wanted to see but what I want in the long term, more than to have a popular blog with tens of thousands of followers, is to have a blog I can look back on in a few years time and see a documenting of my life and see memories that I cherish having their own special space dedicated to them.

What that means though is that beauty posts quite often feel like they don't fit here, I think beauty blogging has so much become it's own thing and it's own genre that it never feels like the sort of thing that it's okay to shove into this lifestyle batch blog. A bit like baking a cake that has lots of layers of lovely sugary sweet things and then deciding to have a layer of ham, just for the fun of it. Ham belongs in it's own dish. So it's never sat well with me when I've put up beauty posts here, but beauty is something I definitely want to blog about as it's something I spend far too much time (and money!) on not to have an outlet for.

With that in mind I have today posted up on my brand new beauty blog - Rose Talks Beauty.

I've been working on it for a little while now, it was something I knew I wanted to do but with uni being so hectic in May it hasn't really been possible to have the time to launch a new blog.

I've been working away on it and have posts scheduled for the rest of the month - Round Ups, Best Ofs, What's On My Face, Product Reviews - the lot. For anyone who is interested in beauty stuff please pop over and check it out, it is only a baby and I don't have a Bloglovin' account or anything helpful like that set up for it yet but it's top of my list to sort out - I did try but I think it wasn't recognised because I hadn't posted on it yet or something!

Hopefully it means that those of you who enjoy more structured blogs with regular posting schedules and a 'know what you're getting' approach can get behind it and those of you who like a nice mix of posts and a 'I post when inspiration strikes' approach can stay here and enjoy Rose Keats as it, fingers crossed, grows out of the baby-blog phase and hopefully grows into itself a little bit more, with (uni/time permitting) more regular posting and less posting things that I then don't feel fit with the blog as they'll have their own outlet!

It's been a wonderful two years and I want to thank every single person who, in that time, has commented on this blog or tweeted me about it or my youtube channel (which I would never have started without having had the blog first), who has followed me either on bloglovin' or just by saving the page to their bookmarks or who has just in some way connected with this little site. It's become a hugely integral part of my life and I can't ever see me giving it up - so here's to the next two years (and hopefully a fair few after that!) and I hope everyone reading this will be sticking around for them with me.

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  1. Yay! Huge congrats on the milestone and on the new website! Have just started following. Love your fashion posts and your beauty musings will no doubt be wonderful as well :)


  2. Ahh Happy Blog Birthday! :) I always think it's weird when you look back at how long you've been going and how far you've come! Good luck with the new venture too petal :)

    Hannah xx


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