The Birthday Dress

21 June 2014

My birthday isn't for another month... okay, not really a month, it's the 11th July, it's actually less than a month. Anyway, a birthday is time to reflect upon the past year and think about how far you've come. And my 22nd year on this green earth (even though it's more blue than green!) has been not too shabby. I have a degree for one thing, which is a little bit scary and I started a youtube channel which I've uploaded to weekly since January, which is even scarier. I say weekly since January... it's not really been, there were three weeks off when I have to concentrate on the exams I needed to pass to get that degree. Sometimes you just can't do it all.

It's also a time to get really dressed up, play the diva and just generally make everything revolve around you. I used to demand a birthday month but I've softened - a little. This year my birthday celebrations will kick off on the 4th July by going to see Hamlet - one of my all time favourite plays - and conclude somewhere around the 20th. I've clearly reigned it in. Part of the reason I like to do so many things is to justify so many new outfits (don't pretend you don't do the same!) and this year I got one of them under my belt early - this beautiful dress from Ted Baker.

I've been huge fan of the Ted Baker Langley collection for years now - I finally gave in and bought my first one two years ago - but they are definitely an expensive indulgence and usually when it comes to investment pieces I'd rather spend the money on handbags and shoes. So when I saw this Audrey Hpeburn-esque number on sale and down to half price I swithered for 10 minutes (just time to run over to my friend's work and say 'tell me I should totally justify buying this') before handing over my debit card. It's a beautiful, timeless piece and, whilst I'm only teasing you with snippets here, I promise to take proper pictures on my birthday meal out with the boyfriend when I wear this. I'm thinking red heels, red lipstick and possibly a beehive... 

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  1. Oh wow this is such a beauty! Perfect birthday dress!

  2. This looks absolutely gorgeous, Roisin! Love the feminine, vintage touches. A perfect birthday treat :)


  3. Mine is on July 15th - it's also my graduation and I'm eyeing up a Ted Baker dress too! Yours is beautiful!
    Blog of Bits and Bobs

  4. Just found your blog, nice to see someone else from Scotland/Glasgow! :)

    Wow, such a lovely dress. Love the idea of pairing it with red heels/lips. The dress keeps it fairly classy, then the red adds just a little bit of sassiness! Can't wait to see the photos!

    Fashion-Oh | Scottish Personal Style Blog

  5. I love this dress, always good to be organised for bday celebrations. Happy birthday for the 11th :)


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