Cats and Shoes.

5 June 2014

So you know it's been a bit of a fail outfit shoot if this was your best photo. Okay, that's bit of a lie - this photo features a cat looking at some shoes. Cats and shoes are two of my favourite things. But this photo is still the best anyway. My Cannon 600D is a great camera, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a DSLR, but it seems that when we get those oddly sunny days in Scotland it just doesn't quite know how to cope. I can't say I blame it, to be honest, not sure I know how to cope either. Donning this white summer-y dress and sunglasses was my escape route to the overheating potential. It seemed to work, even if these photos didn't really...

Dress - Primark. Sunglasses - Rayban. Bag - Mulberry. Shoes - Topshop.

Of course it's back to torrential rain now so should be business as normal soon enough!

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  1. Ohhhh that dress is so beaut, can't believe it's Primark! I really want one for myself, but alas I am not allowed white clothes because I WILL spill my dinner all down the front. x

  2. Cute kitty cat and great white dress. I love kind of dresses for summer

  3. Such a pretty dress and killer shoes too! Your cat is absolutely adorable :)



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