Some Statement Pieces.

28 June 2014

River Island White Necklace - £22 | New Look Earrings - £9.99
New Look Necklace - £14.99 | H&M Necklace - £19.99

So here are some more sneak previews of bits and pieces I've picked up recently. Like everyone else in the world right now I can't get enough of a statement necklace or pair of earrings - I don't do a lot of bracelets  but earrings, rings and necklaces I'm all over. I think, as with so many other things in my fashion side of life, Olivia Palermo may be to blame for this one. A few years ago I didn't wear costume jewellery and only ever went for delicate, understated pieces but nowadays I'm all about some pieces of glass glued onto a bib shaped piece of material!

I do think the price of costume jewellery is heading up and I really recommend New Look if you're looking to stick to a budget (I'm in love with this necklace & this one too, they're definitely next on the hit list!) as although their jewellery does go to around £20 I think they're charging £20 for the size of necklace that Topshop would charge £40 for, so it's still a more budget friendly option. And always remember New Look does a student discount! 

I've got a bad habit of being blinded by how much I love a piece of jewellery in the store and buying it based on that rather than considering how it fits into my wardrobe, but I thought the white one from River Island was a fairly safe choice. The necklace I've found myself getting the most wear out of is a black one from Forever 21 (you can see me wearing it in this outfit post) so a white one is probably as equally easy to throw on with multiple outfits.

As for the H&M number? I actually thought it would look really good with a denim dress I purchased at the same time, but the dress is unfortunately not going to accommodate my somewhat ridiculously sized bosom but the next size up would be far too big at the waist etc, so it's being returned. I'll just keep this one in stock till I find something else to wear it with. What with all the sensible purchases of a white necklace and some more affordable bits from New Look, I clearly needed to have one piece that I didn't have a clue what I was going to do with it yet! 

(Just a quick closing note - I bought all of these in the city centre yesterday so they're definitely all in stores, just can't find anything other than the River Island one online!) 

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  1. All of these pieces are just absolutely gorgeous!!
    I have the same problem with dresses are you, but its my derriere! hahaaaa.

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

  2. Some really cute buys here!x

  3. Beautiful picks, Roisin! The necklaces are lovely- liking the first one especially :)


  4. They're all so pretty! I'm so, so lazy about jewellery: I love looking at it, but when it comes to buying it I'll always go for dress or top or something instead (I think you're right about prices: I could literally get a dress for the price of some of the necklaces I like, which means jewellery gets forgotten about!). I really love your New Look necklace, though - hadn't thought to check them out for jewellery, so I'll have to take a look!


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