Virginia Woolf and Vivienne Westwood

8 May 2014

Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - Primark

I mentioned those oral exams in my gluten free pancake recipe post - I've completed both of them now. This would be great news because, you know, two down and just three essays to go but I did it again. I put my great foot in it. I went in and announced that I would be discussing the gender roles and representations through exploration of Vivienne Westwood's Orlando. Vivienne Westwood's Orlando. Wait. Wait a second. Did Vivienne Westwood write Orlando? No. No Vivienne Westwood did not. Vivienne Westwood makes shoes. And handbags. And very beautifully boned dresses that suit me quite perfectly if I do say so myself. But did she write Orlando? No. Know who did? Virginia Woolf. Virginia Woolf. Virginia effing Woolf! What was hard about that?

There is, quite frankly, very little that I don't know about Virginia Woolf's Orlando at this point in life (and if you need any notes on gender roles in Shakespeare, with in depth discussion of Shylock, Romeo, Hamlet and Ophelia from a feminist perspective I'm also your girl for that. Cause, you know, so many of you are dying to have that conversation I'm sure!) but one thing I did take slightly for granted was that I knew the basic fact it is Virginia Woolf's Orlando. Not Vivienne Westwood's.

And of course I announced it very confidently, because that wasn't the part of my chat that I was worried about, then realised when I was away past it that I'd done it. So I then decided to round of with "and that's actually by Virginia Woolf, just testing to see if you're paying attention" because I figured I had to acknowledge that I did actually know what I was talking about, contrary to what the exam board probably believed.

Face. Palm.

So when you're all sitting in exams or meetings or giving presentations and you muck up a very important part of it, feel better when you remember me accrediting Virginia Woolf's work to Vivienne Westwood. Because if that doesn't make you feel better about your own mistakes then nothing else will!

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  1. Haha, too funny! I've found myself swapping out fashion/beauty related names in my academic work. I guess the mind wanders as it will! ;) Really liking your outfit here- the top especially :)


  2. Perhaps Westwood would be rather delighted to discover her lesser know literary genius?!

    thanks so much for your sweet comment on my Wedding Season post.x

  3. love!


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