NY American Grill, Princes Square, Glasgow.

12 May 2014

Two food posts in a row, I know, I know, but I like to keep you guys updated with hot off the press news and since this restaurant opened on Friday and we visited on Saturday I couldn't get very much hotter. Except if I'd gone on Friday but, you know, uni work and all that!

The NY American Grill is the most recent addition to Princes Square (that's where Glasgow's Space NK, Vivienne Westwood and Le Creuset are btw - which pretty much sums up all the areas of my personality in one go) and it's a welcome one in my opinion - thought if it sells burgers and cocktails, it's not ever going to be an unwelcome one really, is it?

Laura and I headed on Saturday, eager to try out the new kid on the block and, since I couldn't make up my mind about what to go for I opted for the Fish Finger Sandwich and a side of Mac and 3 Cheese. i excused it all by arguing that I was ordering it to tell you all about it, so I had to get a good overview of the range of food stuffs. Great excuse, that one. Laura went for a chicken burger which I was so busy photographing my own stuff and then delving head first into it that I totally forgot to grab a picture of.

So first up, it's not exactly what springs to mind when you think fish finger sandwich. It's a very gourmet fish finger sandwich - brioche bun and no orange breadcrumbs. Needless to say I finished it in a heart beat, only restraining myself from licking the board clean on the basis that we had opted to sit 'outside' in the public area due to the sun streaming in overhead rather than nestle up in the back where no one would have witnessed my crimes. Sides were good, nothing special but also not needing to be anything particularly special - when this is what a fish finger sandwich looks like it's the type of place that's clearly all about the main course.

My Mac and 3 Cheese on the side was good, but the fish finger sandwich was definitely the better choice. I'd been toying with ordering two or three sides rather than a main but I'm glad I went for my main. Wouldn't put anyone off ordering this if you can manage space for it but I definitely preferred my main event. 

Suitably stuffed (I lef half the mac and 3 cheese, I promise) we sat back and chatted for an age about blogging and things in the blogging world that you just can't get your normal friends to understand. (Prior to settling ourselves here Laura treated herself to the Laura Mercier Amber & Vanilla (or Ambre Vanille technically) honey bath which smells beyond beautiful by the way.) And I enjoyed that we were left to do that, I can't stand when you go somewhere and the staff rush you between courses and can't leave you to sit for 5 minutes without pestering so kudos to the staff for begin the perfect mix of laid back without being negligent. One of the guys who worked there actually noticed my Walt Disney World phone cover and then sat and talk dot us for about 10 minutes about how he'd been Prince Charming with Disney Cruise Lines! Literally made my day - Laura said she's never seen me light up so much as I do when talking to someone about Disney!

After a suitable break we decided go for dessert, I plumped for The NY Knickerbocker and Laura opted for a slightly more refined strawberry cheesecake.

These both went down really well - though perhaps a little too well, as it left us far too stuffed to even think about another drink and we had to ask for the bill. Which is a crying shame when their cocktail menu includes Knickerbocker Glory and Smores cocktails. Definitely something to go back for.

I feel like I end every restaurant review saying I really liked a place but, to be honest, I don't tend to blog about restaurants I think are average - if somewhere's terrible I'll let you know so as to avoid it and if somewhere makes my marks for being worthy of passing on then I pass it on. And this one's definitely worthy.

Like I said they're brand new open so the website isn't fully developed yet but you can check it out here to preview the menu and book tables.

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  1. I did't even know this place was here. Must check it out the next time I'm in town. Laura's Cheesecake looks amazing!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Looks delicious! + your photography is always amazing :)


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