TriBeCa Cafe, Glasgow

22 April 2014

D and I love America. I think he's the only person who truly understands my withdrawal symptoms at the fact I won't be in the US of A this year due to uni and time restrictions, so in an effort to cheer me up he suggested we take a stroll after I finished uni yesterday to go for a leisurely lunch at TriBeCa cafe - Glasgow's own slice of New York.

With tiled walls, an American flag on the ceiling and a huge mural of New York's yellow taxis on the wall (as well as toilet seats with those same yellow taxis on - points for attention to detail!) the certainly evoke the feeling of downtown New York.

We grabbed a spot by the window to allow our souls to drink in the sunshine and ordered a couple of diet cokes so our bodies didn't feel left out.

We perused the daytime menu - which is different to the evening one, nice touch - and made our choices. And yes, I am wearing gingham again!

With the sun high in the sky eating more healthily always seems easier and I passed over on the burgers and varicks (I'll be having one next time though!) for the Pure Protein - a plate of healthiness and yumminess. I eat out an awful lot these days - at least one meal a day and often more - and it's becoming less of a treat and more of a way of life for me. My attitude when eating out before was along the lines of 'enjoy it when you have a meal out and just eat healthily at home'. Now, that's all very well but when you get to the point where you 're eating more meals out than you eat in you have to accept that you need to stop stuffing your face with the naughtiest things on the menu and try to balance your diet. Sad times, but made easier when you have the sun high in the sky and thoughts of swimming and bikinis and uncovered limbs to think of!

Also made easier with delicious choices like this on the menu. I'm a massive fan of smoked salmon but as a fan of dry scramled eggs ordering eggs when out can be a tricky business - luckily these ones were to my taste, dry enough that they weren't slopping around the plate and running all over everything else on it but without being tasteless - especially good considering that these were made only with egg whites and no yolks!

The mozzarella was lovely and the textures of all the foods on the plate worked really well together - a little bit chewy, a little bit soft and then something with a bit of bite - great. Vegetables very rarely blow me away so I wasn't expecting the spinach or tomatoes to, but they were both edible (and nutritious!).

D plumped for the bagel with bacon and cream cheese, an absolute bargain at £3.75 apart from anything else and which also went down rather well. I didn't steal any, having my own massive plate to contend with so you'll have to take his word for it that it was a good choice.

Overall we really enjoyed our food and the ambience of the general restaurant - we visited the West End branch on Dumbarton Road but there's also a branch in Giffnok, 10 minutes away from one of my favourite Glasgow food haunts - Wholefoods!

If you're heading down at night I recommend making a reservation and if it's a nice day make a reservation anyway - at either branch. We managed to slip in without one but about 5 minutes after we arrived a steady queue of people arrived and were turned away, which was still going on when we left!

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