Elasticizer 40th Anniversary Box Set

25 April 2014

With the Elasticizer being invented for Audrey Hepburn - i.e. the biggest babe of all time - I was always going to love it. It's one of those cult blogging favourites and one that makes its way onto the 'Not Sure How I Lived Without This' shelf - a high accolade indeed.

Now, as glowing as any review of this is (seriously, I've never read a bad review) the reason I've decided to throw my tuppence worth into the mix is not because I think I have anything new to add but because I felt the need to let you all know about this gift set - costing just over £30 this set includes a hair wrap and also 250ml of Elasticizer! 250ml! 

The normal Elasticizer (here) is £27.50 and is only 150ml size, so this set not only includes the wrap but also comes in a nice box - perfect for adorning any dressing table and for storing make up brushes or sets in - and is nearly double the size of the normal tub for a mere £6 extra! I'm not sure if you're gathering from my overuse of the exclamation mark but I think this is an amazing deal and, well, now that I've secured my one I want to shout from the rooftops and tell you all about it - that's my job as a blogger after all!

So in case you haven't heard of the Elasticizer before it's a pre shampoo treatment - essentially it's a version of reverse hair washing before reverse hair washing became fashionable - you slather it all over from root to tip and then wrap your hair up for 10 minutes, either with the hair wrap if you go for this set or with cling film or a plastic cap if you've got the normal version of the product. Although it says 10 minutes I find I can leave it on for as long as I like to be honest, because my hair is fine I have to be careful with conditioning treatments as they can leave my hair looking greasy if left on for too long but because this is a pre-shampoo treatment you wash it all out and your hair looks squeaky clean whilst still having had the treatment.

This mask isn't your average conditioner though, as well as being a deep conditioning treatment it also repairs hair - if you've over dyed your hair, spent too much time in the sea this summer or even over processed or over backcombed your hair this treatment repairs it and gets you hair back to healthy. I think we can all imagine how much poor Audrey's hair went through with all the back combing and daily styling so if it worked for her hair I'm sure it can handle anything we throw at it. It helps any colour you've put in your hair last longer and also provides UV protection - important anyway but even more so if anyone's jetting off this summer!

The mask already has a massive fan base so if you're in that category there is also a 500ml version here for £54.50 or a 1000ml version for £ 74.00 - I think it sums up how much of a cult product this is for these sizes to be in demand. Both are a much better value way to stock up if you love this product like me, but for the pretty pink packaging, the tube rather than the tub (no scooping it out!) and the inclusion of the hair wrap I've truly lost my heart to the 40th Anniversary Set! 

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  2. This product sounds amazing. I feel the same way about leave in treatments.



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