Cupcake Face Mask

9 April 2014

So the other day I went out and played in the dirt... No, I'm just kidding, it isn't dirt - it's Lush's Cupcake face mask, but brownie points go to it for evoking mucky childhood feelings of rubbing dirt all over your face and loving it. Sadly building a layer in the back garden and declaring myself the swamp monster seemed to be going a little too far...

Despite it not being dirt, it is made with actual mud - rhassoul mud to be precise, which means this mask is an incredibly deep cleansing one and draws out all the imperfections. I've used it a few times in the past few weeks and inevitably this meant the first few times it drew some uglies to the surface, but after it had drawn them out continued use meant that it vamooshed (yep, it's a word, totally a word) them away and my skin looked fresh and clean - so I'm pretty much all over it. 

What I particularly like about this mask is that whilst it's really deep cleansing it's not at all harsh on the skin. In fact it left my skin feeling soft and toned and my redness had calmed down quite a bit after each use, which is always a plus in any product for me - so it's a deep cleaning face mask that's ideal for those with sensitive or dry skin.

At £6.25 for 75g it's reasonably priced and Lush operate a similar scheme to MAC where if you bring back 5 black pots you get a free fresh face mask- so essentially buy 5 of these and get one free, though I'm sure there are plenty of other things in black pots you could buy too to get you closer to those five empty ones - justification is justification, right?!

Due to the nature of the fresh face masks they need to be stored in the fridge and they do have a shelf life of around 3-4 weeks, but the pots aren't huge so you can easily use it up within this time, and it also means you don't do that thing where you buy a product then use it sparingly and try to keep it good (just me that does that?), you just get right in about it and smear the stuff liberally all over your face - I recommend scheduling it for a day when you have nieces and nephews around so you can build a layer in the back garden and declare yourself the swamp monster, it put a dampener on my day when I wasn't allowed to! 

P.S If you're a Lush fan keep an eye on my youtube channel, after a rather large amount of shopping I have a rather large haul video to film!

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  1. This is my favourite Lush mask. I hate about 10 empty pots at the moment but I can't be bothered cleaning them. That's so bad!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

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    1. Totally agree, I love this mask too! Do you mind me asking what you mean by feeling like black face? It sounds a bit inappropriate. Hope you don't mind me asking, I've probably taken it the wrong way but it's important to clear these things up xx

    2. Ok? I meant you know the people in the past who used to be white but made their faces black ? It's kind of a racist thing it was quite inappropriate thing so I don't want anyone commenting " oh black face" etc if you understand what I mean I'm not very good at explaining haha

  3. Ah, I haven't used this in ages, but it's fab! Love the scent and texture :)


  4. I love the cupcake face mask. It's so lovely on the skin though I can never manage to use it up in time, otherwise I'd buy it more often!
    Sami - Beauty Aesthetic x

  5. It sucks that we don't have Lush stores in Denmark! :(


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