Snugglemuffin, Glasgow

1 March 2014

Pinch, punch, first of the month and all of that. And I thought I'd share this on this lovely (read:rainy) Saturday morning with you just in time for you to make a decision about your brunch of choice. I know, I know - two food posts in a row! I promise there will be a return to fashion and beauty soon but for now, bear with me, the utter food porn that my camera contains at the moment just gets me too excited not to share.

Last week S and I headed along to Snugglemuffin for brunch after a surprise early finish at uni (and we went to see The Wolf of Wall Street afterwards, which I highly recommend - oh Leo!) and well, let's just say I've finally found my Glasgow brunch spot of choice.

Snugglemuffin offer an array of pancakes, waffles and french toast (as well as soup and sandwiches but, let's be honest, when there's french toast on offer I'm never going to plump for soup!) and we both opted for french toast - S's with marshmallow and mine with my all time favourite combo of bacon and maple syrup.

It was all perfectly cooked, American style french toast but, most importantly, NOT American style bacon. I was in heaven! As far as I'm concerned America does most foods well, but bacon and chocolate are not amongst them. American bacon always tastes dry, thin and salty to me - British bacon all the way! And here I've found somewhere that offers American style everything but with British style bacon - I couldn't dream up a better brunch spot myself. Both our plates were practically licked clean as far as social etiquette would allow and we were very happy customers.

We both opted for milkshakes, because when you're kicking your day off with french toast you may as well go the whole hog - banana for him and strawberry for me. These again were both amazing - really thick, full of flavour and incredibly filling - not at all those milkshakes you often get that are 10% milkshake and 90% froth.

In fact, they were so filling that we were both stuffed and despite Snugglemuffin (as the name suggests) being an amazing place for cakes and sweet treats we couldn't manage anymore - the two lots of french toast and two milkshakes came in at just over £15, so really reasonably priced too.

In the interests of a full review I was actually invited along to an event at Snugglemuffin a few weeks back where I was able to sample the extent of their sweet treats - and I can confirm they're mighty good.

As well as looking beyond beautiful they tasted delicious, so much so that I had one of each thing on offer almost and couldn't find it in me to turn anything down or pass not he chance of another delicious morsel. Slimming world who?

Next time round I definitely want to give their afternoon tea a whirl!

Snugglemuffin - 120 George Street, Glasgow.

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  1. Looks so so good! Why isn't there one in Edinburgh :( I'm there next month and trying to find somewhere for brunch!

    1. Oh if you're after Edinburgh brunch I'd definitely take a look at The Caledonian Hotel's food offerings, stayed there a few months ago and the food was divine. Otherwise take a look at as Gillian has a map of Edinburgh you can click on and see all her reviews, so I'm sure there's something there to take your fancy! x

  2. Every thing looks so delicious! Those cupcakes are adorable :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

    1. It was all as good as it looks - if not better! ;) x

  3. never been to this place but I will definitely check it out, glad to see it's affordable too. I'm a big fan of brunch. x


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