Glasgow's Botanic Gardens

4 March 2014

Hat - H&M
Dress - H&M
Coat - Miss Selfridge (ancient!)
Bag - Mulberry
Tights - Topshop
Shoes - New Look

Despite being in uni over in Glasgow's West End I don't often explore it. I'm there at least 5 if not 6 days a week from 9am till around 6 or 7 and usually by 6 or 7 I'm far too tired to do any adventuring. Yesterday I had an exam and managed to get a sneaky 4.30 finish. I don't think I've had 4.30 on a Monday afternoon free since last September!

Anyway since S has a Monday afternoon free every week (he had the sense not to do a double BA with practical elements!) I managed to coax him up to the Botanic Gardens, where these photos were taken. The whole place was winding down as the sun was setting and we couldn't actually go into the glasshouses but we enjoyed our stroll around the grounds. I've been in several times before, and I promise over summer I'll go inside and take some pictures to show you but if you're thinking about making a visit (I recommend doing so!) then you can check out their website here.

In other news…

Find out your Travoltafied name here - and if they're funny let me know below!

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  1. Awww Roisin I love that coat and hat! Still didn't recognise you with the hat actually haha. You beaut xx

  2. Love how you paired this black and white dress with a red coat, followed your outfit :)
    Tiana x

  3. I love your dress ... It's very flattering :) xx


  4. Really love your dress and hat Roisin! I've never actually been to the Glasgow Botanics either but have always wanted to go and visit the glasshouse, they look so nice. haha I like your John Travolta name...I keep watching the video of his speech and can't stop laughing! xx


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