MAC Rebel Lipstick - the 2 for 1!

2 March 2014

Mac's Rebel is one of my current favourite lipsticks, and I used it in my Valentine's tutorial here. As I said at the time though, on the lips it comes out a lovely deep pink tone - a raspberry toned pink but a very definite pink indeed. However, when searching for the right colour for my Katy Perry tutorial (on youtube here) I was hit with the sudden inspiration to try this lipstick over concealor and see if the colour came out more what you'd expect from the bullet.

Although it still doesn't come our anywhere near as dark as the bullet looks you can see in the top picture that this did indeed bring out the purple hues a lot more - so essentially you get two lipsticks for the price of one (or the price of one and some concealor!)

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  1. I bought this last week it's so beautiful! My new favourite lipstick and it looks gorgeous on you!

  2. It doesn't come up the slightest bit pink on me! I love that this lipstick changes on everyone:) xx

  3. I think it looks lovely on you. I am more of a sort of peachy lipstick girl but dark does suit me I just feel over done when I wear it. x

  4. MAC Rebel is one of my faves! Great idea- will have to try it with concealer and see how it looks! xo



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