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9 February 2014

My hair dresser broke up with me. Like all the worst break ups it was unexpected, unforeseen and not at all mutual - I got my hair done a few weeks before I went to New York last May and when I returned the entire place wasn't there anymore. Of course, I didn't really give a toss about the rest of the place and was mainly concerned with the lovely Lisa. But there was no forwarding number or address or anything. I hunted and asked around and did my best Nancy Drew/The Famous Five (I was always George) impressions but at the end of the day it was all return to sender, address unknown, no such number, no such zone.

(We may as well get a jazzy tune out of it if it's going to be an unsolved tragic mystery for the rest of all time. If you don't know said jazzy tune I insist you open this video now and spend the next two minutes and eight seconds listening. In fact, even if you do know it, open it anyway. It's an excuse to look at Elvis and those dance moves. Go on, treat yourself.)

Anyway, as with all relationships I had to take the time to mourn and it's taken me a long time to trust anyone. In short, my hair hasn't been cut since last April. It was thin at the ends and just generally in need of the kind of TLC that no amount of argan oil can deliver on hair that Just Needs Cut.

When I found myself with a few hours to spare in London on Friday I figured I'd take a leap of faith. I had little to lose except for a few dead ends and it was really win win - it was in London so I didn't have to worry I'd see the person wandering around Glasgow city centre if I decided they were an unqualified butcher who was never getting near my hair again and if I did like the cut, then it was an excuse to go to London every few months (totally legit reason, right?)

So here's how I looked when I arrived after I'd been ushered into one of those robes that always make me feel like I'm in the right place (anyone else get a great sense of 'ahhhhh' as they put on one of the robes? Just me?) and before anything had taken place (lots of my hair is at the back though so it's usually slightly longer and thinner looking at the ends - take a nosey at my vlog of the day if you want to see the full effect of the 'before'.)

The lovely Hollie came over and we chatted about what I wanted (essentially a trim that kept the length but took the dead bits off and generally for my hair to just have some better shape to it) and Hollie offered up a few suggestions about the front and what would work around my face - all of which I completed agreed with. When she said about cutting it in round my face but keeping it long enough so that when I was up editing in front of the computer at 2am I could tuck it behind my ears so it wouldn't irritate me I knew this was going to work.

When she put her phone down no the shelf in front of me, the relationship was pretty much cemented - how adorable the MBMJ cover?!

I headed off to have my hair washed before settling back down in The Chair to have my hair brought back to life and blow dried, chatting away as we went about London, hair and blogging (and how it's going to take over the world *wink*)
On my hair Hollie used the Kevin Murphy Body Builder Volumising Mousse and the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Creme Fine before blowdrying it. The mousse comes out in a small spray that you can spray into the roots of the hair rather than the days of it coming out in a big dollop and you having to spread it between your hands and what not, so it's super easy and clean to use and it's completely weightless in the hair so that's a definite recommend from me. The Kerastase Cream protects fine hair from 'external aggressors' according to its product info on Look Fantastic as well as nourishing the hair. What it doesn't mention is that it contains particles of shimmer than once it's on hair makes your hair look really shiny and healthy (and not glittery). Again, another recommend from me. 

A lot of work on Hollie's part with a hairdryer and two different round brushes and a few minutes in rollers waiting for the hair to set and I was a new woman!

I haven't been dying my hair by the way, it's just the way the light's hitting off of it - but that aside how much better does it look? So much healthier and much sleeker.

If you're looking for a salon in London I can't recommend Smith's enough - website here - and with its location in the heart of Soho you're surrounded by great places to eat and just a hop, skip and a jump away from the delights of Oxford Street and Carnaby Street.

And if you want to know what else I got up to in London then make sure to check out my vlog over on my youtube channel.

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