Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

4 February 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette (Limited Edition)
L-R Dim Light, Incandescent Light (LE) and Radiant Light

Since the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushers have now exploded onto the scene I figured I better hurry up and write up what I thought about the original Ambient Lighting product - the powders. I bought this palette back in November and it was limited edition so you can't sadly get your hands on it anymore, but you can buy Dim Light and Radiant Light individually so I decided better late than never and probably still worth sharing my opinion on (plus I really wanted to start sharing my holiday pictures with you, but with over 5000 between the two of us and the Disney photo pass photographers it may be a while before it's condensed into one blog post's worth!)

In these pictures I've used Radiant Light all over my face with Dim Light on my cheeks and Incandescent Light as a highlighter. As you can see these powders give a real glow to the face and make you look like you've had a full nights sleep - when in fact I'd got back to the hotel room at approximately 1am the night before this having taken advantage of Disney's EMH and these pictures were at around 8.30am, so you do the maths of how much sleep I got between there.

I'm going to be totally honest and say it took me a while to get used to these powders and learn the best ways to use them. 

Despite being universally popular dim light can seem to make my face quite red (it's the one to the far left in the palette) even though there's not a hint of red in the powder, so it obviously does come down to how your face reacts with it and the lighting state you're already in rather than how it looks like it should be in the pan. I tweeted out about this and had a few people respond to say they'd found the same thing, so I've been keeping it to my cheeks so if it does react the red tinge it looks more appropriate. I'm hoping that in the summer when my complexion has perhaps perked up a bit I'll be able to get more use from it.

Radiant light is definitely the better of the two for all over powder for me and I absolutely love it, as you can see it worked really well in the sunlight and although it's the darkest powder in the palette (the far right) it didn't give me any form of colour to my face. I was a bit concerned it would turn out like a bronzer on my pale skin, however it does the job of a bronzer in terms of adding warmth, health and, would you believe it, radiance to my skin without actually depositing the tan.

I've been applying both these powders with the Real Techniques Blush Brush, however I am on the hunt for something else for applying powder so feel free to leave recommendations below!

Incandescent light was probably my favourite of the three (the middle one) though it's certainly a highlighter and far too glittery to be used all over the face. I've been using it almost daily and applying it with the Real Techniques Setting Brush as it's small and allows me to deposit it exactly where I want. Don't want to go on too much about this one since it is the limited edition inclusion but if you do have the option of getting your hands on this palette at any point then it's worth it for the sake of trying this powder alone. 

If you're investigating these powders I'd definitely recommend getting the sales associates in Space NK to try the powders on you and go out and look at how they react with your skin in natural light before you commit, as the different lighting states react differently on individual skin tones and it's one of those products that whilst a reveiw can tell you about the quality and individual findings it can't tell you which powder is the one you personally would suit. 

On another note - does this sequence of events ever happen in anyone else's life? 

Part 1 - Start happily snapping away at a product.
Part 2 - The cat Godzilla appears to terrorise the city of Hourglass Ambient Lighting-sville.
 Part 3 - It has sensed that something else is getting more attention than it and must investigate.
Part 4 - It must now stay near the offending item and keep it within its sights for the rest of the day and therefore prevent you from being able to get any further pictures and just pray to God that the pictures you have already will suffice!

Just me that has to go through this then?

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  1. The ambient lighting powders are a will I won't I product for me - I really want to try one but can't decide which to buy! Radiant Light sounds lovely!
    Nicola xx
    Magics in the Make Up

  2. I reeaaalllllyyyy want one of the Ambient Lighting Powder, will definitely have to have a look at them in Space NK soon (always dangerous going in there though!) x


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