Burger Meats Bun, Glasgow

23 February 2014

When Gillian and Laura came through to Glasgow this week there was only one place we really wanted to try for dinner - Burger Meats Bun. Nestled down some stairs on West Regent Street this place has already made quite a name for itself in Glasgow. As I was saying to the girls it fits really nicely into what I think is a serious gap in the Glasgow city centre food scene - somewhere that's not a chain restaurant and also isn't fine dining. Oh, and that also isn't another Italian. Because as much as I love pasta, there are more Italian restaurants in the city centre than… well than anything else there should be a large group of really.

(Just to specify - by city centre I mean literally the city centre, not Merchant City or even the places that can be found at the end of Bath Street - places near the main shopping streets i.e. Buchannan Street and Argyle Street that you could stop off for lunch in the middle of a shopping trip. There are plenty of places in Merchant City if you're shopping over on Ingram Street you fancy thing!)

Known for being busy and usually involving a queue we sailed in fairly easily with only one couple in front of us to be seated, though I had mixed feelings about our seats - a table for two that an extra chair was pulled over to. It is always busy, so I should have expected it, but it was a table that had room for two people to eat at, not one with room for three people to eat at.

But I can forgive it for the sake of the good stuff - the food. And God it was the good stuff.

I ordered a cheeseburger, Laura went for the Smokin' Bacon and Gillian was brave and opted for the 'Fiery' (which she was not massively spicy, but you could tell it was spicy… So not one for the wimps like me, but not one to blow the head of you spicy food fans either!) The burger was fairly firm, came apart easily but wasn't crumbly or wet, and all that aside it had the evidence of being a homemade, good quality beef burger. Top marks. The sauce made sure it was still a fairly sloppy affair though, so depends on whether that's your preference or not and the bun was brioche, which is the only bun that should ever be used for burgers in my opinion. The meat was really nicely cooked - they were rare in the middle which I loved, though we weren't asked how we wanted it cooked so if you're not a fan of the rare meat then it's maybe an idea to specify you want it cooked right through. For those of you for whom a rare piece of meat makes your mouth drool, it was perfect. I'm on the perfect team.

Sides wise it was two lots of cheesy chips and one of the maldon sea salt - all of which were met with enthusiasm. For next time though I'd go for one burger and split the chips, there was definitely too much per person and we definitely rolled home after dinner (not helped by dessert, which I'm coming up to). The chips were home made and very lovely, though the cheese over the chips also made the chips slightly soggy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but also might not be to taste, so something to bear in mind.

Overall the main was amazing (I've never heard a group of three girls go so quiet for so long, aside from the occasional food induced moan, so there's a testimonial there), I'd go as far as crowning it the best burger in Glasgow and I would 100% return. The only downside was the cramped seats. Perhaps had we known about the portion sizes of the chips we would have saved on space by ordering a plate less, but it did provide a bit of a problem trying to have the two plates of chips plus Gillian's tub plus the three burgers which all came individually wrapped.

Although it's top marks for cool presentation a plate each with the whole meal on it so we weren't all bumping into one another or, in my case, balancing the burger precariously near the edge of the table and trying to eat it as quickly as possible before there was a sloppy burger/lap disaster, would have been appreciated. I wolfed my burger down quicker than I would have liked just to try and clear some space on the table and it seemed a real shame based on how mouth waveringly good the burger was.

And on a side note, all was washed down with chilled cans of juice - diet coke, coke and 7-up. Nothing worse than room temperature cans of juice so very pleased to see the condensation on the sides when they arrived.

As for the dessert… Well it had to be done, if for nothing than the photo op! A thick, mini chocolate shake and a sweet vanilla macaroon with a chocolate 'burger' with raspberry and passionfruit to create the ketchup and cheese. A visual delight and just small enough to manage to fit in after the generous portions of the main course. 

The bill came and for the food I ate (plus two soft drinks) I spent £20 including my share of the tip so really good value for money. We didn't bother with alcohol but the Burger Meats Bun website here has the menus on it for you to peruse at your leisure if you want to take a nosey at the selection and prices. 

Overall? Yes, I recommend this place. The staff were so friendly, even though I'm sure they thought we were crazy given all three of us had our blogging cameras on hand. And the menu is perfect - a really small, cut down selection but with enough to cover a few bases without being over complicated. With things like burgers it's not about being complicated, it's better to keep it as simple as possibly and concentrate on the quality and the quality definitely comes across. I will definitely be returning but rather than risk the same table situation I'd only be going in groups of 2 or 4, presuming that a group of 4 means you'd get a proper sized table!

Burger Meats Bun - 48A West Regent Street, Glasgow. Booking's not available for groups of 6 or less, just turn up and queue - it's worth it!

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  1. I AM SO JEALOUS, please let's go soon!! xx

  2. Yummm this has made me hungry all over again! I think we definitely need to make it our mission to try every burger place in Glasgow! x

  3. I'm not even a massive fan of burgers and this looks absolutely delicious! I'm also lactose intolerant and I want that milkshake. I hate it when blogs do this to me(that's a compliment, trust me)!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx


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