A Pink Valentine's Day Make Up

11 February 2014

Following on from yesterday's Valentine's Lingerie post I thought today I'd concentrate on make up and if you can't go overboard with pink on Valentine's Day then when can you?! I've reached for Mac Rebel lipstick, which looks like a dark purple in the bullet but comes up a really wearable deep pink on me. It's a funny one, which seems to look slightly different on everyone but I've never seen anyone who didn't suit it. It's a Satin finish which means it looks and feels lovely on the lips and wears off really nicely however, as you can see in the pictures, it's a bleeder. Due to the way this shade changes based on who's wearing it the range of liner recommendations varies from vino to currant to magenta and even a few people who've been wearing it with a dark red. When in doubt though a liner like Du Wop's Reverse Liner matches with everything and still prevents the dreaded feathering.

Cheek wise I've gone for the terrifyingly bright Mac blusher in Frankly Scarlett (Gone With The Wind is one of my favourite books so I was always going to love this blush but it's fast becoming one of my favourites.) It is one that's easy to go overboard with but when applied with a light hand it's incredibly pretty and is actually a really natural looking blush - the red base mirrors the way we blush naturally when blood rushes to the face so it's the ultimate blush for that healthy, just been playing hockey outdoors look even if you're anything like me and the concept of sticking a toe out the door during winter fills you with horror. This appears to be in stock on the Mac website which I've linked to but the people in stores seem to be under the impression it's being discontinued - I couldn't get it in Glasgow or at either airport on my way to Florida so had to pick it up while I was over there to get it in store, so if you're after one I'd order it ASAP in case it really is going to become unavailable this side of the pond.

To keep things looking balanced and natural I plumped for the Urban Decay Naked Basics (℅ Debenhams) palette since the shades are matte and opted for Venus in the inner corner, Walk of Shame all over (very appropriate name!), Naked 2 in the crease and Faint as a liner. I also opted for some of the Soap & Glory Thick and Fast mascara which gives me that light, fluttery finish. I wouldn't say it's my favourite mascara but it's a very natural looking one which is ideal for situations in which you're getting up, close and personal - no one wants to be kissing you then notice the crumbly, bitty way of your mascara (we've all been there, let's not pretend otherwise.)
And remember - a lady never kisses and tells...

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  1. Such a beautiful lip colour, although how odd it comes up so pink instead of plum on you!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  2. that blush is stunning and I'm really wanting that naked basic for a while now. Super cute look! :)

    1. Thank you lovely :) You should go for it - so wearable and easy for taking on holiday as well ;)

  3. You have chose some great products, I am really impressed :)

  4. Oh Roisin, you're such a babe! Let's get our best faces on for Palentines ;)


  5. What a beautiful look! MAC Rebel and Frankly Scarlet are among my faves! They look lovely on you :)



  6. Such a sweet look! Looks really good on you :)

  7. this is such a gorgeous look and you look stunning :) <3


  8. Your lipstick colour is amazing! I love this makeup look! <3

    Lost in the Haze


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