Mulberry Del Ray

6 January 2014

If you follow me on instagram (rosekeats) then this isn't news to you but I thought I'd share it here anyway, since the addition of a new baby to the family is such a momentous occasion that is surely deserves its own post?

I've been lusting over the Del Ray for ages, last winter they had it in the black forrest colour and I thought about it for too long then lost it. I still haven't recovered. I usually buy one or possibly two new handbags a year, which I'm more than happy to sink some serious pennies into as I think handbags are a safe investment and good quality handbags serve you for years - the Chanel bag I sometimes use is one my grandmother bought before I even started prep school. 

When I went to New York in May I was there prepared to spend but no handbags truly tugged my heart strings and whilst I'm prepared to splash out I'm not prepared to do it over one that isn't true love. In Florida in December I did buy myself a nice handbag, but for the majority of the year I've been looking for a new black one, and the one I bought in Florida (more on that soon) is a burgundy - not too far from the black forrest colour of last year's Del Ray which I missed out on. Which got me thinking... I really liked the Del Ray in black. Sure, it had been black forrest that had my attention, but my attention was so focused on the seasonal colour I had failed to properly appreciate the trustworthy, steady colour beside it. 

So I decided, although it meant buying two bags in December, that I would just do it and commit myself to the Del Ray. A sort of Christmas present to myself. It's a great bag with loads of room inside for all the nonsense I insists on carrying around with me day by day, and it's structured enough that it goes with my general style (the Alexa, whilst I admit it's beautiful, has never appealed to me as it's far too laid back to fit in with my wardrobe) without being too structured to use for every day.  

My Bayswater is definitely one of my favourites but if I had one complaint it would be the long handles - for someone as short as me those handles mean that the bag often seems heavier than it actually is if I carry it on the crook of my elbow and if i carry it at my side I risk skimming it off the ground. Of course  I could carry it on my shoulder but, you know, I'm just not one of those people who can be that practical. So it was an added bonus that the Del Ray was available in short handles.

It went on sale on Boxing Day so unfortunately is now completely sold out in the short handled version so the one I've linked above is the long handled version, but having tried the long handled version on in store I don't think the longer handles on the Del Ray are as long as on the Bayswater. Or maybe it's because the Del Ray isn't as long a bag itself as the Bayswater, I'm not 100% sure but if you're a bit shorter like me then it's a good bag to go for even with the longer handles is what I'm ineloquently saying.

Overall I am incredibly pleased with my purchase, I do look at these bags as investments and I am a full time student so I'm not in a position where I could buy a new bag every month just because (though I'd like to think that even when I am in a full time job that I'd still be discerning about these purchases and still think of them as 'special' buys) so I have to make sure when I do commit to something more expensive, whether it's a bag or shoes or a new dress that it is a purchase I've thought through and won't have any regrets over. And this definitely fits that description.

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  1. Wow, what a stunning bag! Looks like a lovely investment for sure. Great choice! xo


  2. Beaut! So classy and elegant, like yourself, Ms Roisin x

  3. Great bag, babe, and it's a good thing you treated yourself - everyone deserves a perfect Christmas gift, right?;) Although I completely understand where you're coming from, being frugal with my money is a must for me too, no new designer bags every month for me either.:)

  4. Ohh it's so stunning! It's such a beautiful shape and definitely a wonderful investment <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. woah!!! this bag is perfection, definitely my favourite Mulberry so far. lucky lady :)

  6. Ooh so nice! I definitely do prefer the Del Rey to the Alexa, I like a little more structure. I'm trying to start saving for a nice bag at the moment!

  7. GORG bag! xx


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