Henri Bendel Cedar Candle / Make Up Brush Storage

27 January 2014

This candle is pretty much my favourite thing of life at the moment. It smells exactly like a candle entitled Cedar should - and because I'm useless at describing scents I'll just quote straight from the Bendel's website and say 'a fragrant fusion of rich Red Cedar wood, Turkish rose and smokey incense recalls a visit to a bustling spice bazaar filled with sights and scents. Let the layers of this exotic aroma excite your senses and transport you to a dreamlike destination.' So there you go. Generally it just smells warm and wintery and a bit like a man, in my humble opinion. I'm sure if I'd been to a bustling spice bazaar that wasn't the Moroccan pavilion at EPCOT I'd have more to say on the matter.

However, this candle presents a bit of a problem. Because I do love it. And at the same time I really need it to be done so I can store my make up brushes in it, because, you know, those are the sorts of things that make a huge difference and will be the finishing but most important touch on my new dressing table that absolutely everyone will comment on when they come in. Totally. But at the same time, I don't want it to be done because once it's done I can't get another one. Of course this could all be solved by a trip to New York to pick up another and, trust me, if it were a viable option I'd be on a flight tomorrow (because what else are student loans for anyway?!) but between uni and a possible summer placement and then fourth year of uni after summer it doesn't look like I'll be getting any time for any holidays this year. Maybe a long weekend in London if I'm lucky. But I'm digressing, the point is I can't get another one of these candles for a while. Which is a sad, sad situation.

But know what else is a sad situation? This.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a sad situation. My beautiful make up brushes, the tools which allow me to apply products on my face and make my look like a glowing, healthy individual and not the sort who would rather die than leave the comfort of central heating at this time of year, are currently stored in this abomination. (And by 'stored' I mean some of them fit in and the rest just lie across available surface space.)

This abomination, I can tell you, is coming up for 8 years old. And I know that because I got this abomination as part of a set of 6 for my 15th birthday. Not for my birthday, for my birthday party I should clarify.

I decided to have a house party, because that was way cooler than the cinema/ice skating/theatre/dinner combination I'd been going for each year up till then. The problem was of course that this meant around 25-30 15 year olds were about to descend on my parents house and we didn't have enough glassware to hand around for that amount of people unless we resorted to serving up the Cristal in the crystal. (I'm kidding, of course, there were J2Os and possibly a blue WKD or orange Bacardi Breezed slipped in by some of the more raucous party guests. I'm not at all kidding that no matter what the drink in question was my Grandmother wasn't donating her anniversary gift glasses to the cause.) There was also the fact that the parentals weren't into the concept of any glasses being handed out and would rather everyone stuck to plastic (you can tell they trusted us a whole lot, can't you?)

So anyway the theme was pink and I set off on a mission to buy every pink plastic drinking implement in the entirety of the UK. These ones I believe were picked up in B&Q or Homebase or some variation of those that was also were we picked up the gazebo that was to be setup in the garden to encourage party revellers to revel outside and not actually in the house at all (like I said, reeeaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy high trust levels, eh?) It was a gazebo I was not happy about because it for some stupid reason couldn't be dyed pink in time for the party and DIDNT THEY KNOW THIS WAS MY 15TH BIRTHDAY PARTY AND IT WAS A PINK PARTY?! (Luckily for the males invited this was around the time were pink for men was in fashion and all red blooded males had to own either a pink Ralph Lauren button down or a pink Lacoste polo shirt. God knows who invented that trend. Probably my 15 year old self.)

Ahem. So to get back to the point this rather sorry looking plastic cup really has paid its dues and should really be sent to a peaceful rest now. But I'm in the throws of candle love where I really don't want to use that candle up and until I do I have no alternative storage - WHAT DO I DO?

But seriously, what do I do? Can anyone suggest a relatively chic looking method of storing make up brushes that is relatively inexpensive given that sadly, at some tragic point, my beautiful cedar candle will run out and the container for the wax will fulfil it's destiny as a brush holder extraordinaire?

I ask you - what did anyone store make up brushes in before the blogging world taught us all that that's what empty candles are for?! What did anyone do before we all switched to using our £45 Dipytique candle votives to store our make up brushes in because, by God, we'd shelled out £45 for that damn candle and we were going to get our point across to every individual who entered the house that we didn't just burn any old candles here, oh no, this was  Dipytique candle household and even after the candle was gone the evidence would stay. Because, let's face it, at least half of that £45 is paying for the interesting design and the 'Dipytique' on the side. (And yes, yes I am just bitter that another Christmas has been and gone and no one has yet bought me that Dipytique Amber candle I very subtly harp on about ALL THE TIME. Note to self - be less subtle.)

But whatever, to get back on track here - how on earth does anyone store make up brushes until their candle has run out?!

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  1. Ah Roisin this made me laugh - loving the idea of you demanding a pink gazebo, haha! I have to say though that I haven't yet joined the makeup-brushes-stored-in-a-candle-jar trend yet, partly because the only "expensive" candles I shell out for are yankee and their packaging is crap, and also partly because I'm too lazy to go to the hassle of cleaning them out.

    Lynne x

    1. Haha I'm dreading the cleaning it out part - hoping it will mean I can put all the spare wax bits into an oil burner contraption and get the most from the candle though!

  2. I bought a small vase in Anthropologie in the after-Xmas sale (sady pretty much the only time I can afford anything from Anthropologie!) and, due to a severe lack of flowers being bought for me, now use it as a makeup brush holder. It's really pretty! It doesn't hold loads of brushes though so I'm planning a charity shop trip at some point to find another pretty vase for my brushes to go with it :-)

    1. Ooh I never thought about this! Will definitely do a charity shop trawl (and maybe a wee nip into Anthropologie as well next time I'm in Edinburgh - it's always got beautiful things in but definitely SO EXPENSIVE!!)

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