The New York Palace Hotel

11 December 2013

Back in May I stayed at the New York Palace Hotel and I've never quite gotten round to telling you all about it. I didn't take very many pictures (evidently) but you get a mini room tour in my New York Vlog.

Pictures aside though - let's talk about the hotel.

Location wise it's great if you're in New York for the shopping, begin located on Madison Avenue you pretty much need to just step out the door and walk up in a straight line to access all the good ones, though you're a mere hop skip and not even a jump across from 5th Avenue if you want more high street stores plus the token Tiffany's for the Audrey shot, Saks and - my favourite New York store - Bergdorf Goodman. Bloomingdales is located just across the again in the other direction, on 3rd (which is where you'll also find Dylan's Candy Bar).

In relation to the tourist spots, you're within walking distance to most of them - you're literally across the road from St Patrick's Cathedral (get a cathedral room view if you can, they were all booked out on our last visit but it's something I'm making a priority for next time to book a cathedral room initially, rather than trying to upgrade later to find there's none available!) and also ridiculously close to the Rockerfeller Centre. The view from the Top of the Rock is spectacular - check out my post here - and you get the photos with the Empire State Building in them as well as sweeping views over Central Park; rather than the photos from the Empire State Building, where the Rockerfeller blocks your view of the park!

The New York Public Library was probably my favourite 'touristy' thing we did when we went in May - and being at 42nd street it's also straight across from Broadway. With the hotel being at 50th you're talking about 8 blocks walk down and just a few across for Broadway or the library. Definitely worth checking out, and not too tiring a walk, though what we found was that the shops we wanted to visit tended to be up the way from the hotel, whilst the tourist attractions were down the way. For us this basically meant we had to plan what we wanted to do each day, whether it was to be a sight seeing day or a shopping day as doing both in one day could mean walking from the low 30s right up to the 100s. No matter which hotel you chose to stay at whilst in New York I'd recommend planning your days this way, as although New York isn't too big and most distances are walkable to maximise your time you do need to plan to do things by area and tackle an area a day. The Palace being right in the middle meant that we didn't have to spend too much time travelling to get started with each individual pocket, though perhaps if you're particularly going for a certain area it would be more prudent to book a hotel that is located within that certain area. As far as a general hotel in a central area, this one is perfect.

Location aside - what about the hotel itself? There was a lot of work being done on it when we went in May, but you could still appreciate the beauty of this hotel. The rooms were all really clean - we stayed in the Towers - but perhaps a little dated. Having looked at the website though it looks as though once the outside work was done the hotel have re-done all of the rooms as well, possibly why the Cathedral view rooms all were booked when we went. The decor aside - the beds were comfy, the rooms were nice and spacious, as were the bathrooms. I've stayed at an array of hotels in New York and it is a place were space is a premium so staying at a well known or expensive hotel is not a guarantee of space. One of the smallest and darkest rooms I've stayed in in New York was when I was in one of the most expensive hotels I've stayed in so never take the space, or light, for granted. Trust me, for a girl of 14 desperate to cover her teenage skin in foundation and concealer every morning staying in a hotel which didn't have very much natural light to assess what colour my face actually was or if I'd gone overboard was traumatising.

The staff in the hotel were really friendly and couldn't have done enough for us at any point, and we also took some time out of pavement pounding to spend a day in the hotel's spa. My grandfather had booked this as a surprise for my gran and I upon arrival and we were both treated to the works - a full body massage, a facial, a hair and scalp treatment and a manicure and pedicure each. The spa again was really clean, very nicely presented and the staff were wonderful - friendly yet so knowledgable. If you're in New York for a longer holiday and can afford the time this was a lovely thing to do mid holiday, though it's not something I would try to fit in over doing other things that are particular to New York, as you can spa anywhere. I obviously didn't pay for the treatments and to be honest for the amount of money the spa charges if it was up to me I'd rather have that money to spend in the shops. A lovely thing to do as an indulgence, and I would return to the spa itself in a heartbeat but I think you'd have to assess the value of a spa trip on your holiday, and whether it's something you want to sink your dollars into.

Overall, would I stay here again? Yes. 100% yes! I can't recommend this hotel enough, but a 5 star hotel does charge 5 star prices so again it's up to you whether you would rather spend more money on the hotel you stay at or have more money to spend on the holiday. If this is within your budget though, I must urge you to give it a try and you won't be disappointed!

PS The hotel allows small pets to stay if you can't bear to leave your bundle of joy whilst you go on holiday and they can organise a professional babysitter to come in if you're looking to have a romantic night out and don't want your other little bundle of joy tagging along!

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  1. ahh I'm still so jealous of your NYC trip. I really want to go back soon!

    Hannah xx


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