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2 December 2013

The Gold Edit - Clear Clutch Essentials

In my latest Get Ready With Me video I packed my essentials for the night into my clear clutch and let me tell you, it was a well thought out set of essentials. There's something wonderful about a clear clutch , I'm not entirely sure when it started - maybe all the way back in prep school when I had clear pencil cases - but I really do love them.

However, the OCD in my personality means I'm not carefree enough to just throw everything in and go, instead I critique through what aesthetically looks the best and what matches my outfit before I'm happy enough to step out. Since Christmas parties are right around the corner I decided to do this post to share the various bits and pieces that made the cut of being good products that are also pretty enough to be on show.

Clear Clutch EssentialsYSL Golden Gloss | Estee Lauder Lipstick | Links of London Jewellery Pouch

Let's be practical - you may need to have some cash on you, and rather than a big purse taking up all the space or letting loose change rattle around in your bag taking it in a little jewellery pouch makes it tidy but still in a pretty enough container. I've used this Links of London one just because it was the first one to come to hand when I reached into my jewellery chest but any jewellery pouch will do, though if you're like me it'll need to be colour co-ordinated. If you don't have any in the house then there's lots of pretty colours available on eBay.

This Estee Lauder lipstick is beautifully cased and, really, do I need to say much about the YSL golden gloss? The great thing about the lipsticks is that you can have whatever colour you chose on your lips without it affecting the in-bag colour scheme, though for me it'll always be a deep red - this one is called black cherry - as I think a red always looks fantastic and the gold shimmer over the top adds a real festive party feel to the look.

Clear Clutch Gold Edit
Chanel No.5 | Lipstick Linked Above | Lipgloss Linked Above | Sephora Palette 

The Chanel eau de parfum bottles are simply beautiful, and the smaller 50ml size isn't too large to carry around. If I had my way I'd own the beautiful Chanel Perfume Bottle shaped clutch itself, but I'm afraid that's just far too much money for me to justify on a novelty handbag, so I'll settle for bringing a bottle of Chanel in my clutch instead.

Sephora Mirror CompactThe beautiful Sephora palette also gives you a huge mirror to utilise when you want to touch up your golden gloss, but obviously for those of us in the UK it's not easily accessible, and I have a sneaky suspicion it was a limited edition Christmas number (though on a side note Sephora eye shadows are great quality if you are looking for a palette specifically!) but for a currently available mirror option I'd recommend treating yourself to one of these beautiful Estee Lauder Zodiac Compacts. Absolutely gorgeous and a great talking point if you meet anyone else with an appreciation for beautiful cosmetic packaging.

Chanel No.5 [2]Chanel

And since it's the Chanel bag I really want why not go all out with a Chanel theme? I'm a huge fan of Chanel lipsticks - they're so comfortable to wear and come in a gorgeous range of colours, which goes for both formulations, I simply couldn't pick which I prefer. Although I usually much prefer a matte lipstick these lipsticks manage to not be matte but without sliding all over the face either! Again the packaging isn't dictated by the colour so no matter what make up look you're after this lipstick will slot in and look beautiful in your bag!

Clear Clutch Essentials
Clear Clutch Essentials [2]
YSL Lipstick | Lip Laquer As Above | Estee Lauder Lipliner

If there's one thing to be picked up from this post it's that Estee Lauder, YSL and Chanel have by far the best packaging. Above are just some other suggestions of make up combinations that will peek out and look lovely.

In the first picture you can see Estee Lauder pure colour long lasting lipstick, a different formula and packing to the first of the EL lipsticks in this post. The packaging is beautiful but that little colour burst at the bottom which indicates the colour of the bullet means you have to be extra careful - here I've co ordinated it with a matching lip lacquer so that the duo will tie in.

In the second picture it's the beautiful YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick that's on show - because realistically, I couldn't do a blog post that's centred around make up with beautiful packaging and not include on of these. As these lipsticks move around and can smudge dangerously cocktail parties are the only time I bring this baby out since it won't involve eating or wild dancing where my hand will brush my lips and then transfer my lipstick to my forehead.

To tie in I've picked out another Estee Lauder lipgloss, though really the YSL lipsticks are glossy enough on their own if the truth be told, and the Estee Lauder lipliner - again the colour of these will be dictated by the colour you buy them in so don't be fooled into only thinking these come in red and gold - it just so happens that red is my favourite colour to buy any lip product in. These liners come with the liner on one end and a little lip brush on the other, so if you're pairing it with the YSL it's ideal as those lipsticks are best applied with a brush as the large flat topped bullet can get messy.

Agent Provocateur

And now you may be wondering why I've included a bra in my clutch essentials post? Well, quite frankly, if you don't have a phone cover that meets the requirements of your glamorous party then your bra is by far the next best place to store it, along with your bank cards. And yes, I know neither of the cards pictured are my bank cards but, come on, this is the internet - I've got to have some privacy precautions, even if I am sharing my bra with you all!

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  1. Wow, super chic and beautiful! Great picks for inside the clutch- loving the deep Estee Lauder lip shades- and that bra is so pretty! xo


  2. This is so, so perfect!
    I think I may invest in a clear clutch now.


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