Top Of The Rock, The Rockerfeller Centre

26 September 2013

Coat - Burberry
Dress - Oasis
Bag - Zara
Glasses - Rayban


Continuing with the New York posts - promise I'll try and get all these done within a week for those of you not so interested - this was the only other place I really remembered to take photos, from the 'Top of the Rock'. 

We've been going to New York regularly since I was young but for some reason we'd never been to the top of anywhere, not the Empire State or this one, but with a bit of research we decided on Top of the Rock as you get to see the Empire State building and apparently the Rockefeller Centre blocks the view of the top of the city and Central Park when you do go up the Empire State building. I still think I'd like to go up it at some point - for an An Affair To Remember nod, though hopefully with me and my other half both actually making it - but if you're choosing one then I definitely recommend the Top of the Rock. Whilst the Empire State has a bit of an 'old New York' attraction for me, the views from the Rockefeller were spectacular - as you can see yourselves.

You can buy a ticket that allows you to go up twice in one day, despite our basic research we missed this and paid more to go up on two separate days which was just a bit silly, and I definitely recommend doing that - having the privilege of viewing this incredible city in both the daytime and when it turns to a sea of lights at night was one I was very grateful for. 

Jumper - Tommy Hilfiger
Shirt - Marks and Spencer
Jeans - Marks and Spencer
Bag - Zara
Glasses - Rayban

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  2. WE LOVE THE ROCK!!! SOOO AWESOME! Sooo cooo!! What a spectacular view! We LOVE NYC!!! soooo much! We used to visit the rock all the time when we lived there! Its just magical up there!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. Ohhh I need to go to New York asap! I also need that white zara bag asap, it is gorgeous! xxx


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