Central Park, Manhattan, New York

24 September 2013

Dress - Jack Wills
Shoes - Lacoste
Bag - Zara

Following on from my New York vlog I thought I'd try and see what pictures I had actually taken to share with you all. I didn't take a lot as I spent the entire time vlogging but Central Park is one of the few places I did actually remember to take the traditional camera out. Or less I remembered to take it out and more one of the few places you absolutely have to as it's so beautiful.

My favourite time to visit New York will always be December - when the park is covered in snow and children bundled up in coats and scarfs run race each other to the ice rink with their skates over their shoulders and you can pick up the hand crafted Christmas decorations at the market- but it was lovely to see it in the sun. And it's also pretty spectacular in Autumn when the leaves are changing too...

Basically, no matter what time of year you are in New York, Central Park is a must do - a welcome bubble of tranquility with no rushing, where there's no point in looking at the time because if you haven't gotten lost and fallen an hour behind schedule then you've basically not done it right.

We actually preferred Tavern on the Green to The Boathouse but it shut down a few years ago now so in May we gave The Boathouse a fair shot. Get a reservation far in advance, request a seat by the windows and it's lovely to while away an hour with some bubbles and one of their fresh salads whilst the sun glimmers down on the water. Though if you're going around this time or later it might be wise to swap the bubbles for some steaming coco and the salad for some hearty soup. Like the rest of the park though, the experience will probably always be a beautiful, magical one, no matter what time of year you're there or what dish you've actually picked.

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  1. really enjoying looking at all your photos from New York... sooo jealous, I haven't been there yet myself! the panoramic night pictures are beautiful too :)


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