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14 June 2013

A while ago now I was invited, along with a host of other Scottish Bloggers, to the Zen Lifestyle Spa in Edinburgh - and invited to get a complimentary treatment. I had heard lots about the salon but never actually been and I can confirm that the salon is beautiful, as the name Zen suggests as soon as I entered I felt a wave of calm descend on me - though that was because my treatment was first and as the other bloggers started to descend the calm definitely gave way to giggles and gossip, somewhat brought on my the glasses of bubbly substances, and never a bad thing!

The evening of the blogger meet I jumped at the chance to try the HD Brow treatment, which I'd heard so much about but never really got round to giving a go. This was me on the night of the event before the treatment:

And this was taken a few days later after the treatment:

As you can probably tell I'd had my eyebrows done about two weeks prior to the event so I probably didn't get the most dramatic of results, so before coming to a conclusion I booked myself back in for a return visit about a month later, this time treating myself to a second HD Brows and also an Aromatherapy Massage.
*NB: The first treatment was complimentary, the second I paid for myself.

This was my eyebrows following the second treatment:

In all three of the pictures provided I have no eyebrow pencil on, so you can see that the eyebrows are definitely more defined, and the shape is a little different because my therapist went over where I should let my eyebrows grow in, mapping them individually to my face. I don't know if overall I can see a major difference but the precision of the shape provided by the HD Brow treatment, given that you are waxed, plucked and threaded, is definitely on a whole other level from just threading alone. Although the colour is probably slightly darker than what I personally like it's not too dark - which I was grateful for, I had a huge fear that I was going to come out with black eyebrows.

I should probably mention that whilst I say they're too dark for me it's not in terms of once I've got my make up on,when it then looks fine, it's because I actually spend about half the week with no make up on - I don't bother if I'm not leaving the house or if I'm only going for something small I'll just put some concealer on - and I'm still not used to seeing my pale self and naked eyelashes framed by darker eyebrows!

Given that my issue is with the colour I'd probably not replace my regular eyebrow threading with this treatment every single time, however I am going to go along to Zen maybe once every 2-3 months and get it done as I loved the precision of the shape and I am trying to make sure I get my eyebrows threaded every two weeks so as to upkeep that shape. The other reason I wouldn't keep getting them done this way is because after hearing horror stories of women who get their eyebrows waxed for years the under eyebrow skin starts to hang as they get older, which has successfully put me on the threading bandwaggon, even if it is more painful!

In terms of the massage? Amazing. Zen are pretty famous for their massages, and there's a reason why. It was absolutely fantastic and that's all I can say on that subject. If you haven't had a Zen massage, you haven't lived. Go now, I insist.

The Aromatherapy/Sports Massage is £65 for 60 minutes & the HD Brow treatment is £38 per treatment, or £190 for the recommended course of 6.

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  1. Wow, I really feel the need to try HD brows now.

  2. your eyebrows look absolutely amazing! wish we had one of these near where i live, i hate getting my eyebrows threaded with a passion

    katy xxx

  3. I really want HD brows mine are crap! I don't think yours are too dark at all, but I know what you mean cause you're not used to it haha. They look really good xx

  4. you know I love the idea of those HD brows and i think they look fab but I've NEVER actually let anyone touch my eyebrows before.. I don't really have much to work with so I'm terrified of someone leaving them baldy!!

    Hannah xx

  5. You have got a beautyiful face.


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