A Glittering Affair.

16 June 2013

Excuse my miserable looking face, I was in a bit of a panic as we were already late and our driver did not seem to be appearing! The blow of returning from NYC was softened slightly by getting to go to a quite literally glittering affair for GC Watches, hosted by ROX. S looked extra dashing in his navy bow tie and, given that ROX are known for diamonds, I went for an icy pallet with my blue Topshop dress from my recent haul post, which I can't find online but which is still in some stores as far as I'm aware, a (faux) fur shawl from Harrods many moons ago (also very possibly from the children's department, is how many moons ago I'm talking!) and some diamond and platinum earrings - women of New York, frost yourselves! (Let's ignore the fact I'm not actually 'of' New York. Yet.)

We didn't actually arrive in time for any of those delicious looking canapes, the images were sent over to be by the press team, but if they tasted as good as they look then I'm sure they were amazing. I was however kept very, very watered with the champagne provided by Taittinger one of the event sponsors. And S, who doesn't care all that much for champagne (I know right?!) discovered the new love of his life - the Tom Collins. Being quite partial to a Tom Collins myself, we've eventually found what it is we'll drink in our house given that we don't tend to like the same things all that often in terms of drinks! (Like White Russians for example, whoever came up with the horrific idea of mixing milk with alcohol and, more to the point, what sort of person am I in a relationship with that actually likes them!?)

All in all a wonderful night - and one that made up for me being back on British soil rather than spending another day in the lovely land that is Bergdorfs!

PS To save me ever missing out on canapes again I wouldn't refuse this one. Something about a man's watch with a leather strap sounds all too enticing for my wrist...

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  1. Your dress is beautiful. Looking lovely Roisin. x

  2. sounds like a wonderful night - your outfit is gorgeous too! love how you styled the fur.

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

  3. aww sounds like a fabulous event; you look gorgeous! Agree totally about White Russians - VILE idea!!
    And you've really made me want to watch How to Lose a Guy now!!!

    Hannah xx

  4. Wow, the event looks lovely and so do you! Such a pretty dress :)



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