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18 May 2013

Fashion Choices...
These are all recent purchases from the end of April through the beginning of May so anything I can't find online should be in stores!

Jack Wills Anchor Dress - I'm going to New York at the end of this month and since I'm a sucker for a theme I thought this would look incredibly cute when we go to The Boathouse for lunch. The fitted top and out from the waist skirt allow for maximum food consumption, win!

Topshop Princess Dress of Dreams - I am in love, with a dress. Again because I'm a sucker for a theme I couldn't resist picking this up for when we go to Florida in December as we WILL be booking to have dinner in the castle and I WILL wear this and get my photo with Cinderella. Come the 180 day countdown mark I will be phoning Disney World to confirm our ADR (reservation) as soon as their offices open. If I do not get a professional photo package with me and Cinderella then eat dinner in the castle I will cry. Because I am 5 years of age and because this dress is too beautiful not to be taken to dinner in the castle.

Forever 21 Jumpsuit - As mentioned previously F21 has only just arrived in Glasgow so I picked up a couple of things, and this jumpsuit is probably my favourite, S asked me when I produced this if I was planning to go work in a garage so I think we all know what he thinks, but I love it.

 Forever 21 iPad case and Bandeau top - I got these to wear with the above jumpsuit, and am planning to use the iPad case mainly as a clutch as well as the very occasional use of actually protecting the iPad. I thought the neon would spruce up the black and I loved the big plastic yellow zip on the blue rubber, so watch out for an outfit post coming soon!

Topshop Joni Jeans - DO NOT RECOMMEND. These are a gorgeous shape for me due to the high waist and they're really stretchy and comfy but they already look so worn and battered, and not in a good way - in an 'about to fall apart' kind of way. I've owned them for 2 weeks, and worn them maybe 4 times, yet they look like I've had them for 6 months and worn them continuously. I'm honestly expecting these to rip any day, the material feels so worn and thin.

H&M Green Trousers - These are sort of chino material but in a skinny jean shape - as a girl who doesn't wear trousers I have no idea if this has its own name but let's roll with that description shall we? These are really bright green and I absolutely love them. Again these are really a New York purchase as May is quite hot there so I didn't want to take heavy jeans but I wanted some form of trouser because I'm the girl who was chittering on a July afternoon in Egypt, so I'm not all that convinced that it's going to be shorts and dresses at the ready all holiday.

Lacoste 'Ortholite' Shoes - So, it has come to it, I'm officially old. I had to go purposefully buy some comfy and supportive shoes for all the New York walking and since these have 'ortholite' stamped on the inside I figure they qualify. They are actually quite nice, and I'm sure that was the aforementioned word not stamped on the inside I wouldn't be questioning myself at all, but it is. Sigh.

H&M Necklace - I really like that this has the black ribbons to tie as opposed to a chain as it means you can pull it as tight or lose as you want depending on where you want the necklace to sit - which is excellent for me as there are so many necklaces that I'm like 'I like it but I'd love it if it just sat an inch higher/lower etc'. 

Forever 21 Necklace - Yeah, I liked this. Nothing much to say, no clue when I'll wear it or what with but it was pretty so it went in the basket!

H&M Aztec Print Dress - Another Florida purchase, to justify this though the weather in December there is probably warmer than Scottish summer, so I need to start getting bits and pieces now! I loved the print on this dress even though I'm not usually an aztec kind of girl, and the back detail and the fact you can adjust the straps so that if you're a short one like me you can hoist it up a bit really closed it for me on this one, I just had to own it. Plus I think it will be perfect for our dinner at O'Hana in the Polynesian resort in Disney World, what with the flaming torches and the beach outside.

M&S Red Jeggings - Although these are called jeggings I'd say they're jeans with stretch type jeggings rather than leggings that are blue and have fake stitching on them to make them look like jeans type jeggings. I really love red, it's one of my favourite colours to wear and I saw these when my grandmother was doing a food shop and taking too long for my impantient ways, so I ended up wandering round the store. Although these aren't high waisted as such they are higher than a lot of other jeans are from other stores, probably due to the fact they're from M&S and that suits me perfectly. They also come in 3 leg lengths, but I just got the regular length and turned it up at the bottom as you can see - because they're not super tight jeggings they look fine turned up, almost more chino shaped at the ankles than jeggins I would say. Definitely have my eye on these turquoise ones now after looking up the website to find the link for these!

Oasis Floral Dress - Another New York purchase, I thought this would be sweet for during the day with flat shoes for wandering round the shops.

Oasis Floral Vest Top - Because the above dress is a bit low I got this top in the same pattern to put on underneath and shield my modesty a little!

Oasis Floral Dress Number 2 - Yep, another New York dress. I thought this would be adorable during the day with flats as well, I'm thinking beehive'd hair and a very small, lady like, little girls dressing up style bag.

H&M Shoes - Love these, so so much! Really comfy and the colours add a bright edge to any boring outfit.

River Island Boots - Really comfy and brilliant for every day wear. I'm still not wearing them often enough to justify the Marant Dicker boots, so these shall do for my ankle boot whim days!

H&M Jumper - This is almost fluorescent in real life and I love it - it's so easy to throw on and wear without any real thought and although I didn't buy it specifically for New York it's really comfy and I think it'll be my plane attire, since it's not too heavy so I shouldn't get too warm with it but it will give me an extra layer if I am unfortunate enough to be stuck next to the air conditioner lover. It's also really oversized and comfy - I got a small and as you can see int he picture it's pretty wide, but without being too baggy if you know what I mean? It does catch a little on things, I've already got a pull in it having worn it once, but that's something you already know when you buy a loose knit item.

H&M Necklace - My third necklace of the haul - oh dear! A year ago I barely wore jewellery other than earrings and now look at me! I bought this on the same trip as the jumper because I thought the turquoise and orange worked nicely together and it would jazz p the plain jumper a little.

Boohoo Swan Lake Dress - Apologies for the collage of pictures but I love this dress so much that one just wouldn't cut it! I had never ordered from Boohoo before and really wasn't sure what to expect, but I saw this dress in Marie Claire a few months ago and have been checking the website weekly for it to become available. I just love everything about this dress, and although the quality isn't the best it cost a mere £40, which I think is just amazing as I have a similar dress in black from Topshop, with a big tulle skirt but a really simple top without a whole lot of detail or anything, which I bought about 3 years ago that cost £80, so would probably cost even more if I were to buy it in Topshop now. For £40 I am a happy girl, and can't wait to get the opportunity to wear it (though the cut outs scare me quite a bit!)

Rayban Glasses & Rayban Sunglasses - I'm blind as a bat basically, so it was time for new glasses and this year I decided I'd also invest in some prescription sunglasses, as in previous years it's been a choice between being able to see but being blinded by the sun or not being blinded by the sun but being unable to see more than a few feet in front of me anyway! I originally wanted just black Raybans in both my glasses and my sunglasses but I had to finally accept that with my pale complexion and brown hair/eyes the black was just a but too harsh. I've bought myself a new pair on sunglasses every year since before I can remember but for some reason never even thought about actually seeing what brands I could get at an actual opticians. I had decided to go for Raybans this year anyway, and actually thought I might pick them up when I was in New York but when I saw them at my eye test I realised it made more sense to get them there and then.

Beauty Picks...

Caudalie Vinosource Thirst Quenching Serum - My grandmother's friend picked this up for me when she was in Paris a few weeks ago, just because she remembered me mentioning it, how sweet is that?! This is a serum for using before moisturisor that is intended to make the skin retain more hydration and stuff. So far my skin does seem much less dehydrated so thumbs up!

Caudalie Beauty Elixer - I really wanted this for my flight to NYC after seeing Lisa Eldridge mention it in her on flight beauty routine video and, yep, my grandmother's friend remembered and brought me it back. This is why it pays to be nice to your parents' friends people! So far it seems nice, not entirely sure if it's majorly essential as I keep forgetting to use it after being excited to get it, but my skins seems quite happy whenever I do use it, and since Caroline Hirons tells me I should be using a toner I am going to try and make the effort to keep this up!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers - So on a recent trip to SpaceNK I just decided to add these in, I actually wanted the gold version but they didn't have them so I settled for silver. Not entirely sure on my thoughts at the moment, will post a proper review once I've tested them out properly!

Malin + Goetz Acne Treatment - The main reason for said Space NK visit. Although I don't have acne I am allergic to lots of things (including dust - please imagine how difficult my life is and send your pity my way!) which flares my skin up and causes it to be unhappy, so I went out to get this for those times. I did consider the Origins Spot Remover but I've found Origins a bit hit and miss overall, so I thought I'd stick to a brand that I know always works for me and that I've never had a disappointing product from. Full review to follow!

Caudalie Travel Set - I actually went in for this set and didn't realise till I got home that I had a different one, but I'm not hugely fussed as I mainly wanted the micellar water and the divine oil, and having the travel size of the beauty elixer means I can Eldridge away to my heart's content without having to decant from the bigger bottle. I also got some hand cream and a lip balm in this, so they can also get used on the flight and are always useful to have to bang in various handbags.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - I'm sure we've all heard the all round raves about this product but after being colour matched by the assistant and given a sample of rose ivory I was sure it wasn't for me, although I do have pink tones in my skin the rose ivory seemed to emphasise this and made me look a bit sunburnt actually. Nevertheless I kept hearing good things so I went into Space NK and was between purchasing this or the Nars Sheer Glow, which I think I will try at some point anyway. I swatched about 3 shades of each foundation on my hand, and matched myself but didn't buy anything, which was lucky because we went for lunch and as soon as I walked out the store I found that the colour I thought with the instore lighting was my match was definitely not - and instead purchased the shade soft ivory. Haven't tried it yet but will be giving it a whirl soon and letting you all know what I think.

Phyto Phytoneutre Detoxing Shampoo - I've been really trying to cut down on how much I wash my hair and I thought that a detoxing shampoo would be a good way to get a really good clean of my hair that would hopefully last a few days before I felt the need to wash it again. I used to be an every day kind of girl and I'm trying to cut down to three days a week, so we'll see - review to follow!

Phyto 7 - Another Eldridge product recommendation from the in flight beauty video, a hair cream that nourishes the hair but is non greasy and you use it on dry hair without needing to wash it straight after. It also claims to reduce static and frizz, so I'll be using this daily in NY to try and combat the effects of humid weather on my hair! Again once I've used this properly I'll give it a proper review.

Diva Big Hot Wand - So, worst name ever but this is by far my favourite curling tool I've ever used, it's really easy and quick and it's the only thing I've found that the curls last in my hair, I already reviewed the Enrapture Rollers here but I also purchased the infamous Totem Styler but I'm finding it just doesn't last in my hair, no matter what mousse and hair spray combo I use so I gave in and repurchased these after breaking my last pair - will do a properly detailed review at some point!

Hydraluron - This has been getting all round raves, and though I'm sure it probably does a similar job to the Caudalie Vinosource Serum I decided there's no such thing as too many moisture encouraging products. Haven't opened this yet to try it, but I have high hopes.

Pepta-Bright - I have some acne scarring on my cheeks that, whilst it's not terrible, I think contributes to the red/pink tones in my skin in general and is part of the reason I tend to be a bit scared of pink toned blushers, so anything that might get rid of it is a good one in my book!

Mac Eyebrow Pencil (shade:Lingering) - I loved this so much I repurchased it and I very rarely repurchase anything - so that sums it up!

Eysilix - The Indeed Labs products were on a 3 for 2 so I ended up adding this one in, as I didn't have anything else in mind that I was after and couldn't be bothered mooching round the whole store trying to pick a third products. My Strivectin eye cream I ordered from Space NK has gone out of stock and won't be delivered till it's back in stock I decided to give this one a go in the mean time. Obviously I'm not hugely concerned with aging but I have really awful dark circles that nothing seems to shift, so I'm always on the hunt for eye creams that might actually do what they promise!

PS. Remember that time I said I wasn't going to buy any more dresses? Well let's just not talk about that shall we...

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  1. Roisiiiiiiin! What a spree! All of the dresses are absolutely stunning- please take me shopping?! You have such beautiful taste. I'm going to check out those M&S jeggings, too. They sound perfect. I'm really intrigued by Caudalie products so I'd be intrigued to see your review. And I will repeat- take me shopping please! ;-) xx

  2. I just found your blog through Steph Dreams and I love it :)
    You have amazing taste in clothes, loving the Oasis dresses and all the encklaces!
    I'm off to New York at the end of the month too!
    So excited and looks like I'm packing very similar things to you

  3. Ooooft what a big shop! I love the wee boohoo number. Think may need to pick it up myself, it's super cute! Your style is my favourite xx

  4. I love the second Topshop dress. So so pretty x

  5. I am deadly jealous of your shopping haul and your upcoming holiday! I especially love the Jack Wills dress and the H&M jumper :). Hope you have a fabulous time x

  6. lucky you! Very nice bits love the topshop dress

  7. What beautiful picks! Loving the anchor and floral printed dresses especially! And those Caudalie kits look incredible :)


  8. Those first two dresses are beautiful! You've made me want to go out and buy loads of pretty dresses now haha!
    Shannon x

  9. How beautiful are all those dresses... I was scrolling down the page taking mental notes of everything I want. Can't wait to see some outfit posts x

  10. Oh my, I love all of the clothes you bought! You also picked up some really awesome beauty things. What a haul! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love the polka dot dress!

    xo Jennifer

  12. Ooooo I might have to give that curling wand a try.. Curls never last too long in my poker straight hair!

    Great post! :) xxx

  13. OH MY GOD so much stuff!!! :O

    Lovelovelove that topshop dress at the top - Though the link doesn't work! I need it! Pleeeeeease link me <3 xx

  14. That's some bloody shopping spree! Love the Boohoo dress, very Carrie Bradshaw. Well jel. x

  15. Love the forever 21 necklace and oasis dresses especially. So pretty :)

    Ruth x

  16. wowwwwww! Great buys, I love all the floral print items and the forever21 necklace is really pretty... I'm partial to mint! ;)

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption


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