MAC Girl About Town Lipstick and Nail Lacquer

2 May 2013

Girl About Town is one of those infamous Mac shades that almost everybody owns and I love it, despite being seriously against pink the majority of the time. I think for so long pale, insipid pinks were the order of the day and I just didn't suit them at all that I'd convinced myself I was a reds only type of girl and that was it. Although reds are probably still the shade family I'm happiest and most comfortable in after years of avoiding pinks I finally plucked up the courage and bought myself Girl About Town and Lickable and I now don't mind wearing pinks as long as they're bright, rich pinks and not the pale, washed out look that was so popular in my formative make up years.

This is an amplified formula and of all the amplified formulas I own this one seems to be the slippiest, and most likely to move off the lips and onto the face so I find that using a lip liner then almost staining this on in layers is the best way to avoid disaster, although this sounds like a more fussy process than just swiping it on it doesn't take long to get the colour payoff, and I'd rather do that than have it across my cheek somewhere. It is super pigmented and opaque so if you do end up with it somewhere it shouldn't be it will not just rub off, you will need to resort to layering concealor over the top of where the lipstick will have stained - hence why I'm particular about the application because as much as I can now embrace pink I don't necessarily want it on my chin.

The nail lacquer is a product I'd heard less about and didn't actually know existed till I picked it up thinking it would match Girl About Town lipstick quite well, only to find this was precisely the idea. I used the Essie no chips ahead topcoat over it and I got 3 days out of it before any chipping appeared - which is really good for me because I can manage to chip nails washing my hair, I'm just incredibly rough with them - but I don't know if that's down to this or the top coat or both. I know these nail lacquers don't have the best reputation but I can't add to that - I was impressed. At £10 as well these nail lacquers aren't really much more pricey than an Essie diffusion line polish, so I definitely don't mind the price at all.

The exact colour match really appealed to my OCD tendencies and love of all things matchy-matchy. Girl About Town isn't the only one to have a nail counterpart - there is also Morange, Saint Germain, Snob and Impassioned amongst others so if the idea of a perfect match appeals to you it may be worth having a look to see if your shade of choice is there.

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  2. I love Girl About Town! Extremely elegant


  3. Love the second photo! I think this looks like a lovely colour and I know what you mean about matchy-matchy. I tried one of the bright pink apocolips but I think I'm te same as you- I feel safer with reds!xx

  4. I often wear Girl About Town, it's definitely one of my most used shades. It really suits you.

  5. Such a classic fuchsia shade! So nice they've made a nail polish of it as well! The colour match really is perfect and they both look lovely on you :)


  6. Gorgeous colour! X


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