Pamper Day

17 April 2013

Last Monday I was treated to a Marriott Pamper day, thanks to the people at Experience Days. 

Since I've been majorly stressed out with uni (and knowing that I am not on the right course for me but really really really just wanting to stick it out at least till I've got a BA and can then do a MA in something I actually like!) I opted to have a massage and since for every minute that I've been stressing out I've been taking it out on those around me I took my grandmother along and she had a facial. 

The Glasgow Marriott hotel is probably a little worse for wear on the outside (that brown brick facade - yuck!), but having attended a few functions in there I can vouch that it is actually gorgeous on the inside. Having said that I had never been to the spa so was eager to see what would await me in the small building just off the main one. It was gorgeous on the inside as well - really clean, light and airy which is exactly what you want from a spa/fitness facility. The changing rooms, showers and pool areas, which I only took a quick look over, were also really clean and well kept so I would definitely be happy using those if I were staying for a few weeks at the hotel. As it was we were there for the spa, and we concentrated more fully on that.

After adorning ourselves in the white bathrobes (I love hotel bathrobes, don't you?!) we proceeded along the corridor to the treatment rooms, where we both sunk down into the brown leather sofa to wait on our beauty therapists. For a starting point we could have probably sat on that sofa for forever, it was so comfy.

Alas (?!) we weren't there to sit on that couch so after the consent forms were completed we were led off by our respective (and equally lovely) therapists to indulge ourselves.

As I said I had a massage and can honestly say it was one of the best I've ever had. The therapist asked me what pressure I liked and how stressed I felt on a level of 1-5 (I said at least a 4) and off she went. She didn't go so strong it hurt but it definitely ironed out a few kinks. When we were done she gave me a really detailed account of where I held my tension and what I could do about it, which whilst I have had other people comment with the standard 'ooh you've got a lot of tension x, y, z' I've never had anyone seem as knowledgeable about it. A lot of places I've come across have people who whilst they may have studied how to rub someone's back in a nice way don't seem to know much about actually breaking down tension and knots to get it flushed out the system the way my therapist at the Marriott did, so I was incredibly impressed and will definitely be going back. When I first lay down for my massage my shoulders were somewhere around my ears (not exaggerating) and by the end they were down where they should be. Besides one of those foot massages from a little Vietnamese lady on holiday once - a long time ago - I've never seen such a visible difference in my posture within one massage. About two years ago I was actually recommended a very expensive 3 month course of 3 times weekly massages and hand on heart I think that massage did more in half an hour than the medically recommended people did in 3 months.

My grandmother went for the facial, which she said she really enjoyed. We spend New Year in St Andrews most years at the Old Course Hotel, and she and I usually take some time to go for a spa day and get massages and facials. On our last trip my grandmother had a facial which cost over £200 and she said the Marriott facial felt just as nice, so whilst this might just be a case of the staff at the Marriott Glasgow are on fire we both found that this £75 (for both of us) spa day was was more effective than other much more expensive treatments we've had elsewhere. They used Dermalogica products and my grandmother must have really liked them - because she bought the set before we left. She's now been using it for a week and a bit and says there's been no flare up or reaction and that her skin feels lovely. 

Overall we both had a lovely afternoon at the spa, and both thoroughly enjoyed out treatments - we'll definitely be back and I cannot recommend this day enough either as a gift or as a treat to yourself!

The great thing about the Glasgow Marriott is the location so after I had been parted from my lovely hotel bathrobe we skipped along to the city centre and took ourselves for lunch at Mings in Princes Square

Grandmother wears top and cardigan by Cos, necklace by Ortak, shellac manicure.

Again another enjoyable experience in the day - and if you're looking for quick service and nice food in the city centre this is definitely recommended. I had spare ribs and I can't remember my grandmother's starter was because I was taking a call during the starters, wasn't concentrating and wasn't photographing (and yes, sod's law that call was about uni - still stressing me out on a day that was specifically designed around it not stressing me out!) but from what I can remember both starters went down well and main course wise I had lemon chicken with boiled rice and my grandmother had the chicken breast teriyaki with boiled rice. Both of us left full and happy - which is generally the aim from a lunch. Not saying it was the best food I've ever had but I've eaten worse and the location of this - right in the heart of Buchannan Street is perfect for a shopping break. 

We spent a few hours in Princes Square before heading up Buchannan Street to got to John Lewis and check out the new Paperchase (the fact these seem to be my ideal combination of shops really does worry me, I had accepted I'd turn into my mother at some point, I just didn't think it'd be so soon) and ended the day in Tinderbox, me with a cookie and a diet coke and her with a coffee and a cake. All in all the perfect end to a very lovely day. 

*I was sent on the Marriott Pamper Day For Two by the PR team at Experience Days but views are my own and lunch/my grandmother's dermalogic kit/the rest of the day was not paid for by the team. 

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  1. This sounds like heaven! Glad to hear they use dermalogica, I'm always worried when I go for a facial and I don't know the products they put on me (I'm a control freak!)...the price is fair too! xx

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're not enjoying your course. It sounds like you really needed that spa day! I know someone who is in the same situation as you and they are doing the exact same thing and sticking the course out until they graduate then doing an MA in something else. I hope things pick up for you soon though, it must be horrible doing something every day that you don't enjoy :( x

  3. aww Rose I'm sorry to hear about uni. It's hard to find motivation when you're not feeling like you're on the right track - i had a similar feeling about my work situation last year but I tried to just keep my head down and I'm happy to say I feel like I've ended up in a good place! The pamper day sounds fab - i was sent away to bootcamp by travel supermarket last weekend so I'm definitely feeling as though I'm in need of a spa weekend!

    Hannah xx


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