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19 April 2013

Dress - Miss Patina
Ears - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Swarovski
Lipstick - Mac Dubonnet

You might remember me posting about my grandmother buying this bag on the day of the Wimbledon final here and she finally has got around to using it, so of course I jumped to get my turn of it as soon as she'd put it back in the dust bag. It's really soft and spongy and whilst I probably wouldn't have chosen it had I been the one going into the shop and picking a new handbag I do think it's incredibly beautiful, and I love the green colour - which makes it a little different from the usual tan and black accessories. 

I'm head over heels for my Miss Patina dress and with the small flicker of sunshine earlier this week I took the opportunity to ditch the tights and match it to these Oxblood heels, which are at least from last summer if not before then but which I absolutely love (I actually bought them in black suede as well, that's how much I liked them!), and added my frivolous cat ear headband from Topshop that I bought unsure if I'd ever wear. I soon forgot they were on my head and actually wandered into town and back with it on, without getting any strange looks so it just goes to show you're definitely always more conscious of what you're wearing and how it looks than anybody else is.

I actually wore this into town to see Mark Andrews, one of the directors of Disney Pixar's Brave, give a talk at the GFT which was really interesting and then we went to the newly opened brand of Tony Macaroni's (a restaurant chain which we're getting to be spending too much time in!) Instead of having any starters or main courses we opted to share a Tony Macaroni Extravaganza - I'm full just thinking about it!

Of course even between two of us we probably only managed a quarter of this mountain of goodness but it was an incredible quarter!

P.S This is my 'I'm a cat' face. Cause everybody wants to be a cat.

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  1. THAT ICE CREAM! Wow. I want to go and get some for myself but it I think I've just gained a few lbs just looking at it! :)

    You look great too. That lipstick shade is gorgeous and of course I approve of the cat ears! xx

  2. Your bag is gorgeous! I love it so much x


  3. Hey cutie!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

    Love this dress! You look gorge

    tan-talk.blogspot.co.uk x

  4. This dress is wonderful, in a made-from-old-carpet way. I mean that as a compliment haha. xx

  5. You look gorgeous! I kind of loooove your bag xo

  6. Does ears look amazing and you look stunning with them !!

    Warm regards


  7. Great pictures, you look absolutely stunning!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  8. I love that dress, you look stunning xx

  9. You look so pretty <3 <3 Such a lovely outfit!!

    Do visit my blog:

  10. So in love what your outfit! The print on the dress is gorgeous and the kitty headband is adorable. Really enjoying your blog- I'm your newest follower! xo



  11. aww i love the dress and the mulberry - i know what you mean, it's not a colour I'd usually go for but it's actually really neutral so I bet it works with loads of outfits. And I didn't even notice the kitty headband at first!! It's really cute and subtle

    Hannah xx

  12. Love your Miss Patena dress! You look absolutely stunning! very Audrey Hepburn, which is never a bad thing! x


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