Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

3 February 2013

Enrapture products definitely do the rounds of blogs, and having never read anything other than a glowing review I purchased both these and the Totem Styler. I was really excited to try these out, but rather than me chatting on I decided to show you in photos how I got on with them.

6.05am I come out the shower with flat hair. I had washed my hair the day before with the Lush 'Big' Shampoo and no conditioner as I was hoping the texture this gives my hair, along with it being second day hair would make the volume last longer.

6.25am All my rollers are in, I used all 20 from the set and it took me 15 minutes to get them in, bearing in mind I section my hair and did it quite meticulously. Before I rolled each section of hair into a roller I sprayed it with the Toni & Guy Firm Hold Hairspray.

8.30am Taking my rollers out after having had them in for 2 hours and 5 minutes. During those 2 hours I did my make up and nails and watched the Big Bang Theory, so not too bad a way to spend the time.

8.38am All the rollers are out and I'm quite pleased with the immediate result - not too curly, but volume and bounce, which is what I wanted from the rollers. Having said that, I did expect slightly more volume having had them in for 2 hours...

9.10am I take a half hour to finish my make up & dress. In that time my hair definitely falls quite a lot, despite the liberal spraying of hairspray before the rollers went in and further spraying when they came out. I'm not too bothered at this point though, because there is still some volume in my otherwise flat hair, and like I said I wasn't too fussed about my hair being curly as a result of the rollers. I do get slightly worried though because 30 minutes and this much fall down? Doesn't look good for the day ahead...

11.47am ....And my hair's back to the way it was before I bothered getting up at 5.30 to shower and put rollers in for 2 hours. (This is my unimpressed face if you couldn't guess!) At this point all I've done is drive to church and drive back, I've been inside and I've been standing still.

So overall? Not impressed. 

For 2 hours of having these rollers in, along with the copious amounts of hairspray and the fact this is second day hair that wasn't even conditioned on it's last wash I really expected more. I could have got the end result by blow drying and straightening my hair.

I got these rollers when they were on offer for £50, and I still regret purchasing them, never mind had I paid £75. However I have never read a negative review of these anywhere else, so I'm not sure if my hair just doesn't like them?! I do have long-ish hair that obviously has weight to it and pulls itself down - but I've definitely seen girls with longer hair than me use and love these. There is a 30 day return if you don't love it phase, but I've passed that with the amount of times I've been trying these with different products and styles, and nothing has left me hugely thrilled.

The way I've ended up using these is to use them and leave them in for about an hour and then curl each section with a curling wand and clip them up and leave them clipped in for another hour or so, but to be honest I'm probably just desperately trying to find a way to use them, cause I'm sure I could be skipping bothering with the rollers at all.

I've actually passed these on for day to day use to my grandmother, who has much shorter hair than me, and they seem to work really well on the shorter length of hair, but at the same time my gran's hair isn't anything like as flat as mine anyway.

I've said before that I'm not entirely convinced I feel comfortable posting negative reviews on here, but I really wanted to share my experiences with these rollers because I've never read anything other than majorly positive things about Enrapture but I think these just don't work on my hair type, and if they don't work for me then they're definitely not going to work on other people...

Have you tried these?

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  1. I've never tried them but I have been trying to find a set of good heated rollers for a while now so was very interested in your post. I won't be purchasing them after reading this though, they don't seem to work very well on long hair (and my hair is long) Out of interest, have you tried using them without putting any product on your hair or have you done the old trick of putting setting lotion (very old school) into a spray bottle and putting a very fine mist of that on the sections of hair before rolling them up? Whenever I use that it holds the curl for literally days without the need for hairspray meaning my hair is big, soft and bouncy. Maybe give that a go? I use setting lotion with my big barrel tongs and it lasts and lasts. You can get it in chemists, usually on the bottoms shelf of hair products as it is a bit of an 'old lady' product, they use it to set their curls with overnight rollers etc. But it does work!!

    Janine xx
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  2. Oh no, I was looking into purchasing some of these myself because my hair is a nightmare when it comes to keeping curls in. But i'm so glad I read this post! Defiantly will not be purchasing, bless you for getting up so early to do them as well. Have you tried sleeping with the sponge rollers in? Sometimes they work for me.


  3. This is such a shame! Your hair looked utterly amazing,just for such a short time. Your hair is so long too! JEALOUS!
    It's hard, because with lose curls, my hair always drops quickly too. But my heaters are actually really good, they leave volume and a little wave for a long time- I do over use the hair spray though and leave them in as long as possible xxx


  4. Oh no :( sorry they never worked out for you! I'm desperate to find something good to curl my hair with, hope you have better luck next time! xxx

  5. Oh no! What a shame :( my hair are really flat and I was actually considering buying these so this review was very helpful - off my wishlist now. X

  6. SUCH a good post. Well done you for being so honest too. Sometimes negative reviews are hard to write but your honesty was refreshing! I pretty much have the opposite problem to you though, I'm afraid. I have really thick, ringlety curls that simply will not straighten. I'm not boasting... The grass is always greener! To me, curly hair is an absolute nightmare: frizzy, dry, impossible to style and makes me look like a hobbit (I'm also really short, ha!). I envy your long, glossy locks! Grass...greener...see?!xx

  7. ha ha sorry I had to laugh at the clock in front of your face lol.

    Your hair looks gorgeous when it was first done but its a shame it does not last. xx

  8. i've never tried them but then I find I have exactly the same issue if I use straighteners to curl my hair.. having naturally curly hair, it's weird but whenever I try to add more defined curls using the straighteners i find that they drop out within half an hour! Yet if i leave my hair slightly damp, it'll ringlet by itself!! It's just more of a ball ache having to wait for it!! But because of this, I've been put off buying any curling tongs or heated rollers figuring that I'll probably have the same effect. I bet you're gutted though :( sometimes i think good old fashioned rags are the best way of getting nice curls!

    Hannah xx

  9. Thats a shame, your hair is normally quite wavy/voluminous when I see you but for £50 I would expect a bit more.

    I don't use heated rollers etc anymore, my hair doesn't take a curl at all, even with spray/perm lotion/rollers/tongs/etc nothing works at all, I'm so jealous of those with nice waves x

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  11. I always read amazing reviews of these too but I thought they would work for my hair either (which is long and quite thick too)- I'm glad I didn't bother now, guess I'll just have to stick with me GHDs for now!
    Thanks for the review
    Daniella x


  12. That's so disappointing! I hate products that you get excited about and purchase then they don't live up to their expectations!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx


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