The Ultimate Night In Pamper

28 December 2012

So since it's party season I thought I'd share with you all the preparation involved in getting ready - my ultimate girly night in pamper. This is what I did on Christmas Eve and what I'll be repeating on the 30th, it will leave you glowy, soft and smooth from head to toe and definitely ready for the next day's antics.

Preparation steps - put some 100% cotton socks on the radiator, along with your hair towels - one for your body and one for your hair. Better if you can grab a white fluffy dressing gown (mine is from Disneyland!) to hand near the radiator so it heats up whilst your pampering, and the disposable slippers you get in hotels are perfect to put on the radiator to heat up.

Part 1 - Apply your pre shampoo treatment. I used the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, but the v05 Hot Oil treatment is a good alternative. To really trap the benefits in wrap your hair up in clingfilm so that it's totally enclosed (I never promised this was glamorous!)

If you've got make up on then remove it at the beginning, to use to Elasticizer your hair should be wet, so whilst in the shower to wet it I washed my face using trusty old Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and the Clarisonic Mia to make sure the mask I used next could really get deep down and clean out my pores.

Once the make up is off and your hair's all clingfilmed-up then it's time to remove the nail varnish and apply the face mask. I was removing glitter nail varnish so I soaked my Marks and Spencer Cotton Pads in nail polish remover from Elegant Touch and then wrapped a cotton pad over each finger then covered it with a layer of tin foil. I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes and then settled down with my first piece of reading material and read by Christmas Cookie candlelight whilst I relaxed (though the monopoly app is a brilliant alternative in my mind if you don't have all 10 fingers wrapped in tinfoil...)

After my phone beeped that my 15 minutes were done I applied my face mask of choice, Super Facialist by Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask and set the timer for another 5 minutes (inset whatever time your face mask of choice requires!) - continuing on with my book, obviously.

Part 2 - Time to rinse it off, get in the shower and lather up your shampoo - doing a double cleanse to make sure your treatment is out and you don't get product build up. I used Redken's all soft shampoo as I think the John Frieda Full Repair range has really improved the condition of my hair so all I'm looking for now is something to keep it in a good condition, whilst using the repair range once a week or so. Whilst in the shower also rub off your face mask.

After shampoo-ing turn off the shower. Apply some conditioner just lightly in the ends of your hair (especially if you've done the pre-shampoo treatment). The Redken all soft conditioner is again excellent for this as all it does is add nourishment without weighing down the hair.

I like to let my conditioner stay in my fair for a few minutes and I use this time to exfoliate - I like to do this with the shower off so I can make sure every inch of my body has been properly scrubbed with my Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub rather than using it and having it rinsed away. (It also lets me really enjoy the smell of this particular scrub!)

Once you've scrubbed up properly and you've had the conditioner in for as long as you like (remember though it's just a few minutes to let you get scrubbed and allow it to do its job, you have already done a treatment so you don't need to leave the conditioner in for any more than a few minutes!) turn the shower back on and rinse yourself and your hair - I like to do a once over with the Lush Snow Fairy shower gel at this time of year as well, just so I smell nice for bedtime.

Part 3 - I get out and dry myself off with my nice warm towel from off the radiator and wrap my hair up in a turban, then I put on my crest 3D Whitening strips (I got them from ebay) and set the timer for a half hour - though I know not everyone will need this step so skip on if it doesn't apply to you. Christmas Eve was my first use of these, so I'll report back in a week or two if I've seen a difference.

I then do a body lotion - I used Smoothie Star from Soap and Glory. Next up I apply a generous slathering of foot cream, Heel Genius from Soap and Glory and then put on my warm toasty socks. I then like to sit down with my book and let the lotions sink in and do their work, and after about a chapter or two I apply the Essie strengthener. I love this strengthener as apart from doing its job it dries quickly so you're not sitting around for ages doing nothing waiting on it drying and it leaves the nails with a gorgeous pink shine to them - not enough to be a pink coloured nail varnish, but just enough to leave them looking really healthy and shiny.

After the strengthener has dried I wait till the timer goes on, remove my whitening strips and then do a second lot of foot cream if its needed, slather myself in The Righteous Butter for a seriously intense moisture boost, then wash my hand and apply Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask. (A lighter version of the Drink Up Intense mask I posted about here.)

I then set my phone for another 10 minutes, sit down and relax with my book. If you're taking in anything as teenage light and undemanding as mine you might need two...
After the 10 minutes is up I wash off the residue of the mask with a Liz Earle cloth and then move on or sit back down and get on with book 2 if I don't think the body butter had all sunk in.

Part 4  - After everything has all sunk in (or I've got fed up and towelled off the end of the body butter) I apply the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, then spray myself all over with Garnier Body Oil to lock in all the moisture I've put into it over the course of the last hour or so. 

I'll then stick on my dressing down and slippers and let my hair down. By this time my hair will have all the excess water taken out so it's not all drippy and if it's really essential I put on some hair oil - I opted for the full repair on Christmas Eve when I photographed this as I'm trying to use it up, but I've fallen hard for the Ojon Rare Blend oil, so I'd definitely recommend that over this one if you're choosing. 

Next up if the duo's sunk in I'll use the La Roche Posay Effaclar K as well, and together both these products are truly amazing - you've all heard everyone else rave on about these products so I'll spare you, but they've cleared up a lot of the scarring from where I've had blemishes in the past and I'm so impressed.

I'll then use the Hand Food hand cream lightly to keep my hands in top shape after the amount of rubbing lotions onto other areas they've done, and head through to my room where I'll dry my hair (or maybe if it's just damp I'll twist it into a bun and go to sleep with it so I wake up with curls!)

Part 5 - Once my hair is dry and I'm ready for bed, and I use a combination of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair and my Origins Night-A-Mins to wake up with fresh and glowing skin.

Again these are really unanimously raved about products so I won't go into too much detail but I can always tell when I haven't used my Advanced Night Repair for a night, and the Night-A-Mins is a new addition to my skincare collection, but I'm loving it so far - I feel like my skin really loves these products, especially when used together, and they're the perfect thing to work deep into my skin whilst I'm sleeping.

So this is a seriously intensive pamper night - and one that takes a whole night. Admittedly I don't do this every week or anything, but it's pretty much my routine for the night before big nights out - it means the next day all I need to do is file and paint my nails and toenails but the rest of me is totally ready to go, something I always appreciate the next day!

I hope this was interesting for you and let me know what your essential pamper night products are!

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  1. Anything soap and glory is perfect for pampering nights in , great post x

  2. really must try more soap and glory products, everyone seems to praise and love them! xo

  3. aww sounds like a brilliant pamper night! Aww I loved those Gossip Girl books!!

    Hannah xx

  4. If there was a 'like' button for this post I totally would click it! Sounds like heaven, need to try this sometime. Though preferably when my parents are on holiday and have nobody moaning at me for staying in the bath all night haha! x

  5. Gurl! You sound so fancy. Sounds utterly lush. Love origins so so much. Def will be having to try an executive bath! x

  6. oh wow! i wish wish wish i had the motivation to look after my hair and skin properly like this! i bet your skin looked AMAZING on christmas day aha :) i need to get my hands on the philip kingsley hair treatment too, heard so many good things about it :)xo

  7. Heavenly! My pamper night essentials are lots of the above and wine!!! :)

    Janine xx

  8. Sounds like a perfect night in :-) dying to find out if your whitening strips work.

  9. I love posts like these. Gotta love a nosey at everyone's pamper sessions! I don't usually do them unless you count my weekly face mask, foot mask and removing any face fuzz, haha. If I was doing a 'full pamper' such as my graduation or dance show I'd chuck in a re-do of my hair colour and also get some depilatory cream out.


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