Paris Day 4/Disneyland Day 1

2 October 2012

Playsuit - Primark
Tights - Topshop

I wore this with these tights today - but on the day I wore this in Paris I wore it with bare legs since it was actually warm in France! We had the choice about whether to stay in Paris today or head up to Disneyland, and after a quick trip down to Iena to see if the queues to actually go up to Eiffel Tower were small enough to be bothered waiting in (they weren't) we headed back to our hotel, collected our bags and called our taxi to drive us the land of mouse, cause we're over excitable kids!

We arrived at Disneyland, checked in to our Disney hotel and strolled the 2 minutes into to the park. Nothing beats that moment for me when you wander onto Main Street USA and see the castle glittering at the end...

After a few hours in the Disneyland Park we headed over to the Studios Park to see the Disney Stars and Cars parade .

Special mention here goes to The Wicked Queen from Snow White - she was in the parade and then out in the park for a few hours for photos and autographs and she did not crack a smile once, there is no way I could do that!

We headed over to The Disney Village to check out the World of Disney store that wasn't open when we visited Disneyland in May - such a beautiful shop!

We had dinner at Cafe Mickey that night before heading back into the Disneyland Park for Dreams - so beautiful. I just watched it that first night, but I did take pictures other nights so there are some to come!

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  1. Very cute playsuit! Ahhh I'd love to go to disney land xx

  2. That playsuit's gorgeous!! Haven't been to Disneyland for yrs tho - I went when it was called Euro Disney!!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this... Valuable information and excellent design you got here!!!


  4. Ricky Hanson says, Disney looks so fun, thanks for sharing your travels with us.


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