25 July 2012

If you follow me on Twitter (@RoisinEKeats) or Instagram (rosekeats) you may have seen me going insane during the Wimbledon final and seen me post some pictures of how my day was going.

 Technically my Grandmother's new Mulberry purchase, but I'll be borrowing it! And an amazing lunch - at a chain restaurant would you believe?! (More detail further into the post.)

 Since it was Wimbledon I dug out my white jeans that I bought 2 years ago from New York and have never worn (never entirely convinced about white jeans one way or the other!), and a pale top, paired with my Jack Wills blazer to bring it together a bit and Topshop's nail varnish in Moving House.

 We spent the first part of the day in Mulberry and then went to Jigsaw. Jigsaw is definitely more one of my grandmother's shops rather than one of mine, so whilst she tried on I snapped pictures of the absolutely beautiful building. A lot of people (me included) go on holiday and come back gushing about the buildings but Glasgow has some stunning architecture.

We then watched the match in The Corinthian - the atmosphere was tense and it was wonderful to be watching it with other people who were making rather loud noises at the same time as me - usually I watch it in the house casually shouting at my television, with my cat looking over at me as though I'm insane. I used to be a member of our local tennis club and although I've stopped going to the club I always watch tennis when it's on. My gran suggested actually going to Wimbledon earlier this year - which I turned down. Totally gutted since Andy got to the final (!) but probably it was overall for the best - I'm not sure I could keep quiet enough at actual Wimbledon.

About two thirds of the way through the match we made our way to Tony Macaroni's as we were starved and I watched the last of it on my phone via a video call (thanks A!) whilst chowing down on some amazing Italian food.

I'd avoided this restaurant because of the rather naff name, which I thought made it sound like they'd be selling food  that was kept under lights for hours after being cooked - but I couldn't have been more wrong.

I had the Mozzarella Fritta to begin with - one of life's guilty pleasures. I adore mozzarella cheese and a huge stick of it in light breadcrumbs with a lightly spiced tomato dip is just heaven for me - I could happily live on it, but I'd definitely be the size of  a house!

Main course wise I had a Rosso Pollo - chicken pizza - and again it was delicious. I'm not convinced that chicken pizza is my favourite (I thought I'd try it because I'm usually really boring and go for plain or maybe with some buffalo and sliced tomatoes) and I think overall I prefer just the amazingly naughty taste of carbs and fat that is a cheese pizza - but I really can't fault this pizza. The base was amazing - proper Italian base, and the the sauce to cheese ratio was perfection.

I was too stuffed following this to go for a dessert - but I could have very happily murdered pretty much any option off their dessert menu. I'm going to make a habit of going back and start making my way through their delicious sounding 'sundaes' menu. Luckily for me they're opening up a Tony Macaroni's in Lanark which is near where S lives (or not so much near where he lives, but the nearest actually populated area to where he lives) which means I can go between there, Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow West End and East Kilbride. Yes, by the end of the year I will have tried them all. And I will be the size of a house, but it'll have been fun ;)!
If you're in Glasgow looking for fairly cheap food in nice surroundings this place is definitely one to consider.


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  1. Nicer been to Tony Macaroni before... I'll defintitely make sure to go soon... The food looks amazing!!
    Can't wAit to see what's int he mulberry bag too :) xx

  2. lovely pics and I love the white jeans <3



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