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26 July 2012

This is my grandmother's new Mulberry that I mentioned yesterday - she's not used it yet so I have to wait for her to use it before I can get a shot of it (that's only fair!) but as soon as she's used it once this bag is mine! (She doesn't know that yet though!)

The green colour is beautiful - and makes it a little different from the standard tan and black accessories that everyone carries going into winter, and I adore the green suede lining.

This bag is spongy and soft and just feels absolutely beautiful in your hands! Although my heart currently belongs to the Del Ray I think my grandmother made a great choice and I'm eagerly awaiting getting my mitts on it ;)

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  1. very cute!! I don't think I own a green handbag!! I think |I must find one for fall!! :)

  2. Beautiful bag!! I'd definetely borrow it :)

    <3 Denise


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  3. That's a gorgeous colour!!! Love the suede inside too. X


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