Viggo, Spain

22 July 2012

I really loved Viggo - it's not a typically touristy bit of Spain but I love that, as I adore travelling to see the 'real' side of other countries. (Disneyland obsession aside!) The dress I'm wearing was an absolute steal at £15 from H&M, and it's so easy to wear. Given our slightly rubbish weather in Britain I probably will be waiting till next summer before wearing it again though!

Whilst we were there we visited the Museo de Arte Contemporanea - the museum of contemporary art, which I would definitely recommend if you're in the area. Upon further investigation I've found out about Casa des Palabras - a museum devoted to the literary world and I'd really want to go there if I went back. Would have gone in the first place but didn't bother reading the guide books and didn't find out about it till I came home - I'm sure there's a lesson in there.

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  1. pretty lady in a pretty city! hope you're having fun :) xx

  2. cool photos! This looks awesome! Come by soon hun! xx


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