Lisbon, Portugal

21 July 2012

For whatever reason I didn't fall for Lisbon in the same way - maybe because it was the one place we only stopped at for 1 day and we stopped everywhere else for 2, so I probably just didn't get a proper feel of it - the downside of cruising is definitely not feeling like you've had long enough in places! It was also the day we had the least nice weather (you can see how grey these photos are!) so that probably had something to do with it.

We had a tour guide at each different place and our tour guide for Lisbon said that the shopping is really good but the problem for tourists is that the good shops are all in out of town shopping centres and if you don't know where you're going or how to get there then it's not really that useful!

Once back on board though the food cheered us all up from the dull weather conditions. I never really used to be a steak eater but I've really gotten into steak recently (I blame 29 Glasgow and their faultless fillet mignon for this!), and I topped my meal off with a cocktail and the evening's entertainment in the form of the comedian Don McLean - very popular with the older people on the ship who knew who he was but bloody hilarious even to those us who didn't.


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  1. The food and drink pics are amazing, everything looks so yummy. I want to go on a holiday now!!! x

  2. Aw your photos take me right back to when I was there in June! Shame you didn't get to spend longer, it's a really dynamic city. Did you get to see any of the old town? It is a pain about the shopping malls though, they have one of the largest in Europe but it's miles out the city - grrr! xxx

  3. Ricky Hanson says, Lisbon Portugal is so amazingly beautiful, the food and wine is delicious, and the people are some of the friendliest on the planet. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.


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