MAC Hot Tahiti Lipstick & Half Red Lipliner

8 July 2012

This combination has literally become my holy grail since buying it at the start of June.

I've always been a fan of the red lipstick look - I just think it's such a polished, classic look whilst still being insanely sexy, but even I'll admit it can be a bit much for day, and it's the sort of look you can't really work without all the effort - a matte red lip requires foundation, concealor, powder, the works basically and some days you just can't be bothered...

Enter Mac, as ever, with the perfect day to day look.

This lipliner is obviously called half red, and that's pretty much what it is - a half red, a day time red, a red that you don't need to then match with a classic lipstick and a full face of make up. What I match it with is Mac's Hot Tahiti which is a red lipstick but because it's a glaze finish it's more sheer, as you can see on the swatch above, and means you can build the colour as you like. The only downside to the glaze finishes is that they do last less time - so you either need to take it out with you and reapply or cover your lip in a lipliner first to get a stronger base for the colour to stick to.

The above photo is of the half red lipliner all over my lips, and I think it's a really natural looking colour which matches with quite a few Mac lipsticks - I've been wearing it with Fanfare and Fast Play as well, but Hot Tahiti is my personal favourite. 

This is the finish of Hot Tahiti layered up over the Half Red, but you could wear it alone with no lipliner for an even sheer-er finish, which would make it even more wearable. I think the finish of the glaze lipsticks, of which there are only 7, makes them really wearable by day and also makes the lips feel quite moisturised, which, despite my love for a bold, matt red, is not something you get with the matt finishes. I really hate lipgloss - mainly because wind means I will always have my hair stuck in it and feeling sticky within 5 minutes of leaving the house - but these almost give the finish of a dry lipgloss, if that makes any sense, but without the sticky feeling.

Favourite day time lip looks?

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  1. I've always been on the lookout for a great red lipstick. This is a beautiful color!

  2. What a gorgeous, intense combo! looks amazing on you!! xx

  3. fabulous colour


  4. This looks like such a nice colour combination, and perfect for a daytime look. My favourite ever lipstick is probably Mac Russian Red, but it can be a bit too much for everyday wear!

  5. Such a fab colour!
    Lianne :-)

  6. great make up!

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  7. Beautiful! It looks amazing on your lips! I love MAC and the pallet of shades the offer!
    Funny, I just made a post about my beauty essentials;)



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  9. gorgeous colour! I love a red lip :) x

  10. Oh roisin this colour is totally beautiful, I need it in my life!

  11. oh the colour combo is so gorgeous!

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