5 July 2012

Blogs should be personal. So here's something that means a lot to me:


I love Disney - I love the fantasy and escapism of it. And Disneyland is definitely one of my favourite places, ever. I was there in December and Christmas is definitely my favourite time to go - I just love it when everything is all decorated and the Christmas music is playing - but I love it in general and, you've guessed it, 5 months later I was returning. I just can't stay away.

I think you either get the Disney thing or you don't - but if you get it this is literally the happiest place on earth. If you don't get it I think you can still go and appreciate it, but not the way someone who loves it does. Everything is beautiful, and not in the slightest bit tacky once you're there - despite the fact that I do admit the concept sounds tacky till you arrive.

I really can't wait to go back and, whilst I don't want to jinx things, it's my birthday next week - and I'm pretty sure one part involves a trip back soon ;)

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  1. Ooh great post :) I am am the same as you I love Disney. I'm going in November and I'm so excited now. Great pics and it looks like you had nice weather for it :) did you catch dreams? X x

  2. I'm so jealous! i miss Disney Land so badly ): I hope you had a brilliant time

  3. These photos literally make my heart flutter, I have a few Disney posts on my blog, it's such a special, amazing place & I certainly GET IT.
    The photos are lovely, and the weather is fab. So jealous you got to experience the 20th Birthday celebrations. I can't wait to go, but it's so expensive for the little amount of time your're there, so we usually (only been twice) go in the quieter (colder)times.
    I can not wait to go to Walt Disney World in September, literally my favourite place on earth xx

  4. your photographs are brilliant, it looks so magical xxxx


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