Cruise On By.

13 July 2012

 Dress - Miss Selfridge
Belt - Topshop
'B' Necklace - Hampton Court Palace
Shoes (barely pictured)- Dolce & Gabbanna

Over the next few days I'll be updating about my cruise - I was actually planning to do my birthday updates and outfits then post these, but after realising that apparently I was too busy consuming too much cake and champagne to take pictures I'm having to wait and see what pictures other people have that I can use for outfit shots!

The crusie lasted for 2 weeks, but I don't have usable pictures from every day - mainly because I didn't take a tripod with me but went with my parents who seem to have issues focussing cameras never mind taking good outfit shots, despite the amazing backdrops that could have been used. Technology and the over 50's - it doesn't mix!

The food was absolutely amazing - 10 course dinners most nights and 3 course lunches. All I can say is thank goodness for the onboard gym and the fact I took my trainers, because I'm sure I'd have come back the size of a house - despite doing at least half an hour a day while we were away I still gained weight, so would hate to see it without the running!

I love seeing holiday photos so if you've been your summer holidays link me to your posts!

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  1. I know what you mean about parents taking photos - I hate almost every photo my parents take of me. They're okay with the techy part but they for some reason never zoom in on me and always insist on including a lot of background. Plus they're my parents who want a picture of their little girl and I just end up looking awkward haaaa.

    That dessert looks mouthwatering!

    Morag x

  2. Lovely photo's! Looks like you had a great time - the food looks so yummy!

    Sal x

  3. I am keen on on going on a cruise but hubby is not sure. It looks fab though and love the photos x


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