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Roisin Elizabeth Keats.
Ravenclaw. Shoe obsessive. Should have been born in the 40s. Lives in an MGM musical inside her head. Disney girl. Loves a costume. Never met a shade of green she didn't like. 

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Items marked * have been gifted. If gifted by a third party the item will be marked ℅ that company i.e. this post - the item was from Guerlain but sent ℅ Harrods. 

Anything given as a gift or any sponsored content will always be declared, I don't care what's currently the 'done thing' in the blogosphere - you will always know if what I'm talking about it something I purchased myself or something I've been sent. 

It probably goes without saying but I do always give an honest opinion and I do point out any negatives that I personally find in a product, though I do always try to be as fair as possible. It's cliched but I value the trust of my readers more than any anything and I would never recommend something I didn't truly believe in and jeopardise that trust. 

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