The Incredible Face Mask

15 June 2015

I was recently sent The Incredible Face Mask from May beauty - which is a deep cleaning mask that promises to totally transform the skin, pulling out blackheads, preventing acne, reducing oil and sloughing away dead skin.

I don't suffer from proper acne, just the occasional spot around that time of the month, and any break outs I have otherwise are usually an allergic reaction from my super sensitive skin rather than being acne, so I can't really comment on that but I can comment that it left my skin incredibly clear and clean looking.

The best way I can describe what this did is to say that if you've ever used a pore strip on your nose this mask is like a giant pore strip for your whole face, it literally pulls out everything and you get the joy of seeing everything that it's pulled out on the mask once you peel it off - just me who gets a sense of satisfaction from that? Anyone?

In fact, the mask penetrates so deeply and pulls everything out so effectively that you're warned not to use it in any areas with hair as it might remove it - i.e. avoid your eyebrows! I can confirm that it does remove hair as when I pulled mine off I could see a load of those tiny facial hairs you get all over on it, which obviously aren't visible and not a problem but that's the power of the pull out that we're talking about here.

It's a peel off mask, which you leave to dry for 45 minutes before removing and it dries. The easiest way I found was to let it dry then move my mouth around to create some movement then get my fingers in and peel from there. I was warned it could be quite painful to remove so the first time I left it for 30 minutes before removing so as to assess the pain levels, but the remained of the kit I was sent I used for 45 minutes. Although it wasn't painful, the make really does penetrate and clamp on to your skin to achieve the results it does, so it is a bit like peeling a plaster off your whole face. It didn't cause my sensitive skin to react though, just a bit of redness at the time which went down fairly quickly so the 'pain' wouldn't put me off repurchasing and using again. 

The masks all come individually packaged which I really like as it means the mask is completely fresh for you using each time. The starter packs of the mask, one of which is what I was sent, come with a brush for application and a guide which includes info on how the food we eat affects our skin. I'd honestly say I preferred the mask when I applied it with my fingers and I thought a lot of the food stuff was common sense so I'd skip the pack and go straight to buying the mask only. Having said that I am pretty clued up on healthy eating from a skin point of view (not that I actually do it, I'm just aware of what I should be doing!) such as dairy commonly being seen as aggravating skin etc, but if you're not hugely well versed in that the booklet could be really interesting; I just already knew most of the info!

If you use this link to view/purchase the products you'll automatically get 30% off the cost - the test packs are in the top box at the bottom and the mask only packs are in the bottom box underneath in the smaller writing (it'll make sense when you see the page!) 

Overall I really enjoyed the mask and I am definitely going to purchase some more for myself, which is the highest accolade I can really give a product I've been sent to review - if I'm prepared to part with my own cash for more of it, you know it's a good one! 


  1. Love the peel off masks!

  2. I think I've seen this one on YouTube before and it sounds amazing, I'd love something like that to really get in and drag all of the impurities out! Bit worried about the pain and didn't realise it had to be on for 45 minutes, but definitely one to try regardless xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  3. I have tried this and it was too painful for me, I had tears running down my face. I can look back and laugh at it now but I am too scared to use it again! x

  4. Can't wait on your next post! You've earned a subscriber! :) More fashion styles!


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