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18 February 2015

As any of you who watch my vlogs will know I wear glasses, and I need to wear them all the time - I'm fairly blind without them and have been known to wave at someone in the street thinking they're a girl from my class only to get closer and discover they're actually at 80 year old man. True story. SO as anyone who shares this position in life with me will know, when you have to wear glasses all the time they're a pretty important thing to get right.

I used to wear RayBans, but found that they for some reason were setting off my eczema in my eyebrows (not sure why, and it's only my normal RayBan glasses that do that, haven't noticed my sunglasses doing it!) and because of that I've gone back to a pair I wore before I got the RayBans from Vivienne Westwood. As you can probably tell, I'm happy to spend a fair amount on glasses because they'll be on my face every single day.

So when Smart Buy Glasses got in touch and offered me a pair of glasses for reviewing purposes I jumped at the chance and chose the above pair by Dolce & Gabbana.

Now, the reason I've never bought glasses online before is because of how much I wear my glasses and when you wear something on a daily basis you want it to be right. Buying online means trying to visualise how the glasses will look on your face before you get them but Smart Buy actually have a 100 day returns policy, which means if you're not happy with them you can return them. I decide to stick with what I knew and order these ones because the shape was so similar to my RayBans, which I know I suit - so you can always try things on in stores and then apply the logic of colours and frame shapes when buying online. When these arrived they were smaller widthwise than I expected - not that it's a massive problem and I'm going to get my optician to see if she can make them a little bigger so they're more comfortable but that's the sort of thing you can't really plan for, which makes the returns policy so important. 

In terms of these particular frames I need to get my optician to put my prescription lenses in so I haven't been able to wear them for any period of time to comment on the quality but they're super lightweight and, once I can see through them and get hem widened a bit, I think they'll be really comfortable to wear. Obviously though the quality of these will be down to Dolce & Gabbana rather than necessarily being anything to go with SmartBuy themselves.

What I can say about Smart Buy Glasses is that the delivery was super quick and the prices are really reasonable. I paid £230 for my RayBan glasses from Boots (these ones here) and I presume I paid roughly the same for my prescription sunglasses (I can't technically remember! I've had them for nearly 2 years!) - SmartBuy are selling RayBan sunglasses for a lot less. 

Overall I'm really pleased with the frames I chose and I'm looking forward to having another pair of glasses to add into rotation - and I'll definitely be more open to looking online next time I'm purchasing a pair! 


  1. Ah love these frames. I wear glasses every day too and fully agree that you should splash out!

  2. Haha! Your story about the 80 year old man.. my life most days, Roisin..

    Laura / The Likely Lady xx

  3. they look fantastic! I used to wear glasses but recently tried contact lenses, they're fab! xx


  4. These are lovely! I am the exact same, I am totally blind without my glasses! That story is hilarious hahaha xxx

  5. These frames are gorgeous. Getting a new pair of glasses is literally the best thing ever!!! x


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